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Many of the dialogues I like best from the story I co-wrote with a friend

"Now I would tell you my evil scheme but that would be dumb. "Your mother is a lovely woman.” “Please, shut up." “No, really. I mean, I'm just talking out loud back here, but I'm trying to figure out how such a nice woman managed to raise a screw up like you.” “HOW THE HELL... Continue Reading →

I Am So Excited!!!

Hello fellow earth dwellers!! Welcome to Earthy Diaries! And this is out very first post! probably guessed that, right? This is a collab blog …Welcome To Earthy Diaries! Its 6 in the evening and I literally just came back from school when I got this msg. I am in a collab blog and we just... Continue Reading →

Episode 23

Joanna agreed with us. And gave us a glass piece. “This is the original copy of the glass piece. Test your idea on this. Then you can go to High Mountains. But be careful.” “I have an idea how we can go to High Mountains and return safe and sound.” I said. “Really?” “Yup.” I... Continue Reading →


Hello bloggers!! Dhriti here. I won’t be able to post tomorrow because I have maths exams and we all know how that goes. It’s a really important exam (mid term examination) so if I lose one mark,my mother is going to kill 😵 me, good luck for me.👍🏻 Bye for now…I will be back next... Continue Reading →

About Me

Welcome to Girl Power This is my little corner of the Internet, where I talk about my very own series, Super Spy and more! Hey guys. I’m a 11-year-old named Dhriti . About to be 12. Birthday on 11th August, a day which never comes. When it comes, it goes so fast you would never... Continue Reading →

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