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hero-villian // short story

“I have been in this storm for too long…” - Leo Rodrigo Leo Rodrigo, the villain, misjudged, hurt, betrayed, alone, scared, angry. In his world, people are divided into two good and bad, the saviour and the lost cause, the hero and the villain but what if it is just the person who tells the... Continue Reading →

Lost // poem by me

So umm…this is about a girl who felt lost. I wrote it like a poem and then after a long time. I wrote a part 2 for it. And here it is..hope you like it 😇 Outside my door, there's a world I'm not aware of. For the time being, I'm going to stay here.... Continue Reading →

Wonderland // poem by me

So, I had a weird dream last night. I was in a magical land and I met this magical person who said “Welcome To Wonderland” Welcome to wonderland Potions and pastries, we have got it all tall forests and villages. Castles and cards that can talk Look around, you’ve arrived in Wonderland. The Cheshire Cat,... Continue Reading →

Life Goes On…

Bonjour les amis, I wrote a poem on Life (shocking, yes I know) . Yeah, I have know life for 12 years but I guess I quite understand it. Anyway here we go… Life goes on.. Whether you chose To move on and Take a chance In the unknown Or, stay behind Locked in the... Continue Reading →

I wrote a Limerick!

National Limerick Day is set on 12th May to mark the birthday of Edward Lear, the English writer known for his works of prose and poetry. For those who don’t know a Limerick is a five-line poem with a rhyme scheme aabba. Here is my Limerick, hope you guys like it❤️ It’s National Limerick DayWe... Continue Reading →

Haiku Time

I got nominated by Stara @The Pool Of Thoughts to do this tag aka Haiku Tag. Rules- Tag Eva @album of amazing.Mention the person who tags you.Add the rules to your post.Pick 2 topics to write 2 Haikus.Tag alteast 5 people.HAVE FUN!❤❤ Topics- Dogs.Fire.Sea.Nature.Music. The Mysterious Sea Deep sapphire water Endless sight of mystery Subtle... Continue Reading →

December 2021 Wrap-Up

Happy New Year | Fresh Starts Hello everyone! Your favourite, Dhriti here. 🎶Happy Happy New Year! 🎶 Happy New Year!🎶 Hope you have a wonderful year ahead! It’s time to make old mistakes in new ways! Hurray🙂✨ If I had done you wrong, I am sorry. May you still give me a chance this New... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Merry Merry Christmas, yay! I’m so happy. Christmas time is here. My most favourite time of the year. It’s the most beautiful time of the year. Lights fill the street and spreading much cheer. Playing in the winter snow. Everyone’s gathered around the fire drinking warm hot chocolate. Winter paints the perfect scene.... Continue Reading →

Year 2321 | Ft. Suhani

Hey everyone. I wrote a story on Pollution with Suhani @ Random Reader’s Rambles. She has an amazing blog so be sure to check it out… This story is a about a 12 year old girl who invents a time machine and travels to the future. You may think how pollution is related to all... Continue Reading →

Bullies // poem by me

Hey guys, sorry I have not been active on WordPress lately. Anyway here is something on bullies… Bullies You may not understand why They are so cruel They are nasty, Insecure bullies. They pick on others To make themselves feel better So, remember to tell them that The fears they feel Won’t be less real... Continue Reading →

Phoenix, Risen From The Ashes

Here is a poem on Phoenix by me. Hope you like it! A Phoenix Soaring high In the sky Fascinating creatures They are Can carry immensely heavy loads Their tears have healing powers And they make highly faithful pets It’s a scarlet magical bird With red and gold plumage Along with a golden beak and... Continue Reading →

Online Classes

Today, I’ll share an essay by me when I was 10. Online school is very essential in many ways, especially during the critical time of Coronavirus.  Indian government is taking all necessary steps to ensure that we are  prepared well to face the challenge and threat posed by the growing  pandemic of Corona virus. With... Continue Reading →

A Little Hope

Here is a poem by me👏👏👏 (claps for me) This poem is dedicated to anyone who is having a bad day, have a little bit of hope. The world seems dark Inside out Do not seem to know What to do I'm wondering why I Got out of bed at all The morning rain clouds... Continue Reading →

Art // poem by me

Here is a poem on art by me. “Follow your dreams they know the way” A picture is a poetry A poem without words When I close my eyes I see many Brilliant colours I dig out a canvas And draw what I see While drawing I discover What I really want to say That... Continue Reading →

Photography // poem by me

Hey everyone, I wrote this poem literally just now. Comment down below your thoughts on this poem. Photography. It’s a story I fail To put into words A picture truly is worth A thousand words It’s an art of Observation It has little to do with The things you see And everything to do with... Continue Reading →

A Message To Mother Earth

Poem by me when I was 11. (I’m 12 now, so I wrote this last year during world environment day) Earth is my home, My mother earth, Sitting on a throne, The one, who gave birth. Bright green, Is our mother earth, Never mean, For all one is worth. With a huge kind heart, Is... Continue Reading →


In communism everybody shares with everybody else. The communist philosophy is that everybody's the same and everybody gets the same thing. In communism out individual goals don't matter. We are one of many. Most people don't want to become like them. They would rather remain a free society of individuals. And I think it’s true,... Continue Reading →

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My very first haiku!!

Today, I learned to write a haiku, and this is how it goes… Confused and baffled First time writing a haiku Yet, I’m sure I can -Dhriti Keni✌️ Thanks to my English teacher for teaching me to write a haiku So, The dogs are barking My ears are bursting😅 Bye For collabs and blogger interviews.... Continue Reading →

Water💧 ,an essay by me

Water is one of the most essential elements for life on Earth to function. It is essential for both humans and animals. Water is important not just for survival, but also for day-to-day functioning. When we think about it, it has a wide range of applications. The majority of our planet is covered with water,... Continue Reading →

Starry Night

Standing outdoors, I stare up at the stars, and they steal my breath away. When I gaze out my window, the world is completely silent. In those instances, I am either immensely enthusiastic or really bored. When I am awake late at night, I can see the whole darkness of twilight. I'm either quite peaceful... Continue Reading →


Life is crazy. But a best friend will always have your back. Even if you are the Wild friend or Mom friend.When times get tough, they keep a smile on your face and remind us that we should never give in. A true friend does not come when they need something. A true friend stays... Continue Reading →

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