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Episode 24

“Give us the amulet, we know you have it.” Annie said. “You are not getting anything. Just get out of here and I’ll let you walk free.” “Listen here, fire guy. We need that amulet so just give it to us and I’ll not hurt you.” He laughed at what I said, and replied to... Continue Reading →

Episode 22

Whenever I felt confused or needed someone to talk to, I had Leo. Good friends are like stars, you can’t always see them, but you know they are there. I and Annie were always quarrelling. In super spy, we worked separately. And I do not think it’s going anywhere. Eye witnesses reported that some people... Continue Reading →

Episode 21

I just found out that I’m going to move to California. I’m going to leave Miami, Florida.New school, new friends, new start. I actual feel sad, mostly mad I guess. I mean leaving everything is tough. But I acted like everything is good, I’m so happy and all. Theatre classes are useful, who would have... Continue Reading →

Episode 20 (Part- 2)

“Also we can read each other’s minds.” said both of them grinning. Me and Annie can also do that. A girl sitting at the back , Angie, I think read my mind and said “Annie and Jessica can do that too.” she said. “How about we have a competition, now.” said Neha meanly. “Umm, okay”... Continue Reading →

Episode 20 ( Part 1 )

“Also we can read each other’s minds.” said both of them grinning. Me and Annie can also do that. A girl sitting at the back , Angie, I think read my mind and said “Annie and Jessica can do that too.” she said. “How about we have a competition, now.” said Neha meanly. “Umm, okay”... Continue Reading →

Episode 19

I closed my eyes and allowed my thoughts go to a world, where everything was possible. I let everything drift away. I arrived to the house Lucifer had given Annie and me. When I opened the front door, I noticed that it was snowing. It had never snowed on me before. We never get snow... Continue Reading →

Episode 17

I did not think a lot about my vision cause I do not have a lot time to. Got up. Went to school. Same routine over and over again. So boring. Today at English class, we were supposed to write an essay on our best friend, I wrote on Annie. This is what Annie wrote..... Continue Reading →

Episode 14

We all loved his song and started laughing. Ashwin and Sam, our class clowns were always cracking jokes and making us laugh. The next in the line was Jace for sure. One time when we were reading a story on a boy who got stuck in a jungle while going to his grandparents who lived... Continue Reading →

Episode 12

“Who is he?” asked Annie. “Well he killed Crystal’s grandmother and Victoria and many other innocent people.” told Joanna. “I still do not get it.” Annie told. “Same. My grandmother died of cancer when I was 2. That’s why I do not remember her clearly. I have seen her pictures around the house but not... Continue Reading →

Episode 11

"How we handle the unexpected, that’s what matters" “What are you talking about?” I asked. But my question was inefficacious. Lucifer and Joanna kept talking and told me to wait. Me and Annie roamed around the house. Then I found a bowl with white swirling milk it had a polychromatic colour. I touched it with... Continue Reading →

Episode 10

As today is India's Independence Day. I thought to post early. Happy Independence Day. Enjoy reading. xxx They went to Lucifer right that moment. Joanna led them to a brick wall. “I thought we were going to meet Lucifer.” Annie asked. “We are” Joanna told calmly. “We are standing in front of a brick wall.”... Continue Reading →

Episode 9

“I am sorry I attacked you. But you both are pretty good fighters. How did you know I will be in this bathroom? I have never seen you come here before.” she told kindly. “Ghosts are not that bad. From all those horror movies I watched with my friends during summer holidays. I thought that... Continue Reading →

Episode 8

I was shaking with fear. All of a sudden, blood was writing itself on the mirror. It read “Ƿes hāl.  Thy all are Foolish to come here.” “Yeah, I know that. Anything new?” Annie muttered. “What has she written in the mirror.” I asked. “It’s written, Hello. You are foolish to come here. It is... Continue Reading →

Episode 7

Our first case was pretty *hmm. how to tell this* interesting. We had never met ghosts. Were they kind or mean? Or scary? A hundred of questions were going inside my head. I met Annie on the way to school. We had English class in the morning. Me and Annie loved English class. English teacher... Continue Reading →

Episode 6

I woke up, got ready. Ate my breakfast, cereal; milkshake and a chocolate sandwich. I climbed up a yellow bus labelled GREEN VALLEY HEIGHTS. As everyday the bus driver, a bald man wearing a shirt and his hands on the steering wheel with headphones on so he could not get distracted by kids yelling around... Continue Reading →

Episode 5

I was waiting for night time. I even asked my mum if I could sleep at 6 in the evening. But she asked me why would I sleep so early. Because I used to, still do if I can sleep at 1 in the morning again still do. I think the problem is that she... Continue Reading →

Episode 4

Break Time! The bell rang. And I was about to run to the library. When Annie pulled me back. And told “Stop. I need to write the last point.”  After she wrote we ran to make a stop at the bathroom before going to the library, one of my favorite places to go deep inside the books, a new... Continue Reading →

Episode 3

I couldn’t wait for home time. Time is a very confusing thing. When I want it to go fast it goes slower than a snail. But when I want it to go slow, it goes fast. I wonder how many years it took Victoria, Lucifer, Alex, and Zaria. “When will it be night-time?” I groaned.... Continue Reading →

Episode 2

I was pretty shocked to see myself. It was like seeing my life flashing before me in the form of photos and my childhood videos. Me as a baby, me when I was growing up. My recent pics too. It’s as if it knew me, somehow, it felt weird. First I thought I was dead,... Continue Reading →

Episode 1

Hello! I am an agent at The Super Spy. The Super spy is a group of kids who can travel to another portal and save the world from evil people. It is the future, Another Earth. There are many branches at the Super Spy with team Heads. But do not think it is a world... Continue Reading →

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