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Plant Cam (last)

Surprise! Surprise. My plant has fully grown and is ready to eat. I hope I do not have to eat it cause healthy food is…not tasty. Wish I did not grow eatable things. I should have grown a mango plant or a strawberry plant. Mine My…sissy’s Another plant Here is a poem by a wonderful... Continue Reading →

Plant Cam Update

Hey guys!! Issue three, that is, the December issue of The Lost Letters is out today!!!! Yay!! I love each issue more than the other, and I’m so …The Lost Letters, A Monthly E-Magazine, Issue Three Greetings fellow bloggers *my brain- Stop with idiotic accent, you fool🤦‍♀️* Do check out my write-up and letter to Santa... Continue Reading →

Plant Cam [Day #5 ]

Hola amigos! Sorry for not posting for 2 days. Anyway here we go The plants have started to grow. And turns out you should not let the soil be uneven like…mine😅 Mine 🙂 My sister’s😒 I’m so happy for you dear sis 🙂✨ So the soil fault is all my sister’s. She told me to... Continue Reading →

Plant Cam [Day #2]

Greetings fellow bloggers (why am I doing a bad British accent?) Anyway, time to check on my plant. But before that, chose your favourite one from these… Option 1 (I love this one!) Option 2 (My second favourite) Option 3 (Simple but elegant✨) Option 4 (It’s good) Anyway back to the plant, there are droplets... Continue Reading →

The Plant Cam [Day #1]

Howdy? Dhriti here, so I was 😑 BORED Me😗 And decided to plant something so I went and got some mud and seeds. I had a plastic box at home so made some holes a the back of the box and voila! Step 1 is over. Next I put the mud then made some lines... Continue Reading →

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