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Yup, you read it right. I know I haven’t been posting a lot lately. Blogger’s block. But I am working on two novels with a friend of mine. The first one is about vampires, second one is…there is literally no word to put it. I’ll be back soon tho

Thinking of changing my blog name…again + Art Dump

As you can seem from the title of this blog post. I am thinking of changing my blog name…again. These are my final options.. My Crazy LifeRambling ChaosA Little CrazinessCaught up in a Crazy WorldReally Not Famous Yup that is all I got. If you guys have any other ideas. Comment down below. Now time... Continue Reading →

My 13th Birthday!!!

Hey y’all! I am really excited. I am gonna turn 13, I am gonna become a teenager which is new and weird. My birthday is on 11th august. REMEMBER IT Also guess what, today is also Chris Hemsworth’s birthday. When covid started, I was 10. Now, 13. FREAKING THIRTEEN!? Time flies so fast…it feels like... Continue Reading →

July Wrap-Up // my birthday is next month. YESSSS. I am sick 🤒 yeah I know AGAIN. Didn’t read any books this month, DISSAPOINTED 😔. Dad’s birthday and more

Not me being lazy to type out an intro No goals. No reviewing Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness - best movie EVER. Can’t believe Wanda died😭 it was really cool seeing her as a villain. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ We are thought the difference between good and bad, the saviour and the lost cause, the hero... Continue Reading →

June Wrap-Up

Hey! Organic chemistry will be easy they said. Yeah, very easy 🙂✨ 11 days late but still meh Read more books than May (10+)POSTWrite a book/series review.Do a post related to artPost in the Earthy diaries Keep up with all the schoolwork 1. Haha, good one. But ❌ 2. I DID! 5 POSTS ✅ 3.... Continue Reading →

May 2022 Wrap-Up // umm..I am alive

Me posting May wrap 5 days into the month 🙃 Draw more (Listen to your favourite song and draw what you feel) ✅ I’ll do a post on it Manage your time ✅Wake up early ✅Exercise ❌Go out and play! ❌ I also watched a series on YouTube called “Instant Influencer with ZHC” I am... Continue Reading →

April 2022 Wrap-Up

P.S. I just came back from schools and I am super tried. I opened WP and realised April was over and started editing this post. Hey y’all. April was a pretty crazy month for me. I started going to this new school. There were so many changes. Let’s get into the post! • Genuinely compliment... Continue Reading →

10 Reasons Why I Am Weird

I am pretty weird and here are some reason why if you don’t believe me. 1. I love the smell of… Petrol and washing powder 🙂 I have never had to courage to actually taste it tho. It smells amazing. I am not kidding. It is incredible. 2. Sleepy Head I can literally sleep all... Continue Reading →

Police Station Reviews That Shouldn’t Exist

Internet has given people a new hobby: Reviewing stuff. Movie review, tech review, food review, socks review (why), toilet cleaner, vest, bowl, broom. Whatever they see, they review. Every app, whether a crappy potato game or Amazon. Everyone wants a rating review. First you review the app, if you purchased a product then review that... Continue Reading →

March 2022 Wrap-Up

Hey! Welcome or welcome back (Speaking of, my back hurts. I need to exercise) to my blog. March is officially over. Bye March! Yeah, I don’t really care about you. I am glad you are done. What? Don’t blame me. March is the exam season. P.S. how is the featured img. I tried making them... Continue Reading →


Flummoxed. My English tuition teacher (He is like really smart. He did NINE degrees. He has a lot of general knowledge and is amazing at teaching. He teaches us advanced English) asked me and my friend what do we want to do when we grow up. I actually want to be an IAS officer. Ever... Continue Reading →

I hit 100 followers!!

Yayyyy. I hit 100 followers. Thank you all so so much. When I told my mom I hit 100 followers: Her reaction Anyways, I know I was supposed to do an assumptions post when I hit 50 followers. That got delayed. For so long that I got 50 new followers. So I am now doing... Continue Reading →

January 2022 Wrap-Up

Yikes! Sorry, I didn’t post this soon. *my brain-that’s nothing new🙄* *Shut up, stupid brain* Today’s post, as the title states – is a January wrap up. Thanks to all consistent bloggers. I found out that January is over. Wait.. first month of 2022 is OVER. It feels unnatural to write '2022'. How did january... Continue Reading →

My Sister Has A Blog!

Hey y’all. My elder sister, Aashrita Keni has a blog👏👏👏 👏 She didn’t create the blog in WP even though I asked her to. Go and check it out. Here is the link. Hope you like it.

December 2021 Wrap-Up

Happy New Year | Fresh Starts Hello everyone! Your favourite, Dhriti here. 🎶Happy Happy New Year! 🎶 Happy New Year!🎶 Hope you have a wonderful year ahead! It’s time to make old mistakes in new ways! Hurray🙂✨ If I had done you wrong, I am sorry. May you still give me a chance this New... Continue Reading →

A Christmas Miracle

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!! As it is Christmas Eve I thought to tell the story of Santa Claus. So huddle up and get a nice warm cup of milk or hot chocolate or anything you want to drink. Also remember For collabs and blogger interviews contact Brooklyn nine-nine Nicholas, a wealthy and prosperous guy... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Carol.

Hola amigos, as Christmas is coming near I decided to share the story of The Christmas Carol. It’s about a mean-spirited, evil old man named Mr. Scrooge. Later, Scrooge encounters the ghost of his late business partner, who warns that three spirits will visit him this night. The ghosts take Scrooge on a journey through... Continue Reading →

New Year Goals ft. Flora

🎶Happy Happy New Year! 🎶 Happy New Year!🎶 I’m here with Flora @Flora’s Week Show. You can check out the post on her new year goals here What are your new year goals? These are mine… *Hopefully I’ll complete mine.* Stop Procrastinating Seems impossible. But will try. Key word: try. Improve Your Concentration I get... Continue Reading →

Assumptions About Me

Hello everyone! I want you all to post your assumptions/questions about me down below. For 50+followers. I still can’t believe it though, 50+ FOLLOWERS. I know it’s not a lot but it’s a start, right? Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There can never be enough exclamation marks😉 Anyway…once again, just to inform, comment down below your assumptions/questions about me.... Continue Reading →

My Fav YouTubers!

Hello dear people, If you do not know YouTube, WHAT ARE YOU DOING UNDER A ROCK FOR SO MANYY YEARS? Anyway, YouTube is a very popular social media app, that everyone is addicted to. Today I will be telling my favourite youtubers. Because I got nothing better to do, except studying, completing my notes and... Continue Reading →

November Wrap-up

🤠 Howdy people? So, November is over. Bye November, adios. See you soon in 2022. Why can’t I stop laughing 😂😂 Ok, anyway inspiration from Rayna. This is my very first wrap up. So…Let’s get started. Reviewing Goals So, I did not make any goals last month… these are the goals for December month. ◦... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Mum!!!

Hey everyone, today is my mother’s birthday 🥳. Though on the birth certificate it is 17/11/1986 but her real birthday is TODAY!! 😁😁 Anyway, my sister is baking a vanilla cake for mum’s birthday, I’m not cooking because I would probably end up burning the kitchen and breaking everything in it so…😅 Now she is... Continue Reading →

Memes Time!!

I’m thinking of changing my blog theme. So comment down below your favourite wp blog theme. And also will all my blog posts and everything wipe out if I change the theme. I guess you have read the heading so.. 😂😂😂 Meme by me😏 Why is this so me🤣🤣 This happens every single time🥲 🙂such... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter memes

As today is my birthday *which is on 11th of August*, I decided to share some funny memes that only Potterheads can understand. That is so true. I literally have no words Burned..😁😁 That is the real reason that we girls do not like going to the bathroom alone. 😤 No words😶 I really just... Continue Reading →

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