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Plant Cam (last)

Surprise! Surprise. My plant has fully grown and is ready to eat. I hope I do not have to eat it cause healthy food is…not tasty. Wish I did not grow eatable things. I should have grown a mango plant or a strawberry plant. Here is a poem by a wonderful blogger…..ME! Say no to… Continue Reading →

Episode 21

I just found out that I’m going to move to California. I’m going to leave Miami, Florida.New school, new friends, new start. I actual feel sad, mostly mad I guess. I mean leaving everything is tough. But I acted like everything is good, I’m so happy and all. Theatre classes are useful, who would have… Continue Reading →

Assumptions About Me

Hello everyone! I want you all to post your assumptions/questions about me down below. For 50+followers. I still can’t believe it though, 50+ FOLLOWERS. I know it’s not a lot but it’s a start, right? Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There can never be enough exclamation marks😉 Anyway…once again, just to inform, comment down below your assumptions/questions about me…. Continue Reading →

Quote Of The Month: December

Hello people, it’s DECEMBER. So the quote of the month is related to Black Lives Matter. This quote is by Rosa Parks, she is the mother of civil rights movements. Rosa Parks was not the first black woman to refuse to move from her bus seat. Tired from a long day at work she refused… Continue Reading →

Plant Cam Update

Hey guys!! Issue three, that is, the December issue of The Lost Letters is out today!!!! Yay!! I love each issue more than the other, and I’m so … The Lost Letters, A Monthly E-Magazine, Issue Three Greetings fellow bloggers *my brain- Stop with idiotic accent, you fool🤦‍♀️* Do check out my write-up and letter to… Continue Reading →

Plant Cam [Day #5 ]

Hola amigos! Sorry for not posting for 2 days. Anyway here we go The plants have started to grow. And turns out you should not let the soil be uneven like…mine😅 I’m so happy for you dear sis 🙂✨ So the soil fault is all my sister’s. She told me to do it like that… Continue Reading →

Episode 20 (Part- 2)

“Also we can read each other’s minds.” said both of them grinning. Me and Annie can also do that. A girl sitting at the back , Angie, I think read my mind and said “Annie and Jessica can do that too.” she said. “How about we have a competition, now.” said Neha meanly. “Umm, okay”… Continue Reading →

My Fav YouTubers!

Hello dear people, If you do not know YouTube, WHAT ARE YOU DOING UNDER A ROCK FOR SO MANYY YEARS? Anyway, YouTube is a very popular social media app, that everyone is addicted to. Today I will be telling my favourite youtubers. Because I got nothing better to do, except studying, completing my notes and… Continue Reading →

Plant Cam [Day #2]

Greetings fellow bloggers (why am I doing a bad British accent?) Anyway, time to check on my plant. But before that, chose your favourite one from these… Anyway back to the plant, there are droplets on its cap, EVAPOURATION😗 So my mom told me not to water it for 4 days. So no watering job… Continue Reading →

The Plant Cam [Day #1]

Howdy? Dhriti here, so I was 😑 BORED And decided to plant something so I went and got some mud and seeds. I had a plastic box at home so made some holes a the back of the box and voila! Step 1 is over. Next I put the mud then made some lines kind… Continue Reading →


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