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About Me

Dhriti Keni

Meet me, Dhriti , a 12 (now 13) year old bookdragon (yeah, coz bookworm is an understatement).

This is the same blog which was previously named as Girl Power. One of my friend was wearing a shirt called girl power and I couldn’t decide the name of my blog so I just went with it. My blog has all bookish as well as writing content, from me doing book tags and reviews to sharing some short stories I write from time to time. I even post a lot of fun, weird stuff that manages to make people smile, or even laugh. I love to blog and I love to make friends through WordPress.

Also umm thanks a lot for stopping by my blog. I’m Dhriti. A 12-year-old tomboy from India. I started blogging during lockdown because I was dying of boredom and in no time blogging became one of the things I love doing the most.

I am an Indian girl, a big weirdo , and a die-hard Harry Potter fan. I love listening to Taylor Swift and anything from the One Direction and Why Don’t We.

I love reading and writing books. I’m an extrovert who loves sports like football, basketball,roller skating, running, biking and jumping up and down like a monkey.

I hope you all find something in my blog worth your time and interest. Don’t forget to let me know all your views and feedback.

Follow me and let’s hop on the bookish roller-coaster together.

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Thank you!

Peace ✌️

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