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Yup, you read it right. I know I haven’t been posting a lot lately. Blogger’s block. But I am working on two novels with a friend of mine. The first one is about vampires, second one is…there is literally no word to put it.

I’ll be back soon tho


15 thoughts on “Hiatus

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      1. Even my posts have been really on and off….I just posted something after months. You could do a simple photography post- thats what I did.
        Or try writing something.
        I haven’t written in a while to be honest.

        Good luck finding something to post! Can’t wait to see ur post.
        If you get any posting ideas….do tell me too since idk what to post either.


  1. Hey missing u around the blogsphere! I haven’t posted in months but I’m getting back into posting now. Remembering you cause it was womens day yesterday and well the collab we had done last womens day.

    Either way…can’t wait for you to be back.
    Try something small like a photography post or like a haiku…

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