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Starlight // Chapter 1

“I have been in this storm for too long…” – Leo Rodrigo

Leo Rodrigo, the villain, misjudged, hurt, betrayed, alone, scared, angry.

In his world, people are divided into two good and bad, the saviour and the lost cause, the hero and the villain but what if it is just the person who tells the story….they are separated by a tattoo they are given at birth. No one knows how they are just born with tattoos but it is what its. People with a dragon tattoo we considered evil while the ones with angel wings are good.

Villains are misjudged and most of the we don’t get to see their story. For if we knew it, the hero may not always be seen so full of glory.

Leo was mad. At all heroes. He was out for revenge for just one reason.. Envy


“Who are you?” the hero, Asher Brooke asks, squinting at the figure hiding in the shadows.

“Oh sweetheart,” the villain, Leo said, stepping out of the shadows, a contorted grin across their face. “I am your worst nightmare.”

“Wait a minute. You’re that guy that tripped over my shoes on the bus this morning and said thank you-“

Leo interrupts and says, “When you see a Hero, what do you think of the Hero? ‘The Hero is Amazing’ ‘The Hero saves lives’ ‘The Hero is a bad person, not even human.’ ‘He stinks and I don’t like the hero.’ People love the hero, they love the hero cause he saves lives, they love him cause he protects the city. Well guess what, sweetheart some people don’t like the hero”

Two can play this game

“cause they are the ones who do crime. Crimes like murder, kidnapping, stealing, sell drugs, rob banks-“

“but the person who hates the hero the most is the Villain. The ones who hate the Villain the most is the people-“

“the hero never takes a life, the hero doesn’t hate the Villain,

the hero wants to help the Villain. The Villain knows he needs help,

“but the Villain doesn’t want help.”

“the Villain has been through an emotional life, the villains hates everyone.”

Everyone knows a Superhero story goes, the Villain ends up Dead. Everyone must know this. Sometimes all the Villains were once heroes. You die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the Villain……

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