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My 13th Birthday!!!

Hey y’all! I am really excited. I am gonna turn 13, I am gonna become a teenager which is new and weird.

My birthday is on 11th august. REMEMBER IT

Also guess what, today is also Chris Hemsworth’s birthday.

When covid started, I was 10. Now, 13. FREAKING THIRTEEN!? Time flies so fast…it feels like yesterday.

Thirteen candles on your cake.
Thirteen wishes you now can make.

I know you’re thinking
A teenager at last

How have the years
Gone by so fast?

Party the night away
As you turn a year older

So while you celebrate
Your birthday today
Watch out for all the awesomeness
That’s heading your way..

Thirteen candles on this special day,
Happy 13th Birthday

P.S. Do the same thing but for your 18 year oldie self
Hopefully i will understand this joke by then

Wow…I am old 😭

I also got tons of wishes, most of the people got my spelling wrong 😑

It is D-H-R-I-T-I

We will get back to the whole ranting thing later

Now, the best part about birthdays, GIFTS!

Of course I got books
My bestie got me a mug

I wanna keep a diary, but don’t just list all the things I did during the day. Pick one incident and write it up as a brief vignette. Give it colour, include quotes and dialogue, shape it like a story with a beginning, middle and end as if it were a short story or an episode in novel. It’s great practice. Do this while figuring out what I want to write a book about. The book may even emerge from within this running diary. I’ll start on 11th August…

12 august – maybe tomorrow 🤓

Now I need to get back to electrolysis. Sir was right organic chemistry is easier💀

29 thoughts on “My 13th Birthday!!!

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  1. Damn why did you post this today when your birthday was yesterday?!?? How was I supposed to know 😭😭
    Belated happy birthday DHriti (ha, i spelled that right!) I hope you have amazing teen years ahead, and don’t stress about turning 13 because that’s fun in its own way 😀😍💃🎀🎁🥳🥳.
    Also you’re gonna freaking love magnus chase, I’m currently rereading the series and I’m in love again 🥺.
    Once again happy Walla baddayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Well, I was thinking of writing the post but then…I don’t your birth date 😂
      Thank you so much!! Yes you did, I am so proud of you Nehal 👏😂
      / \
      Thanks mistress apple
      Can’t wait to read it🤩
      AHHH, thanks once again!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Reallllly late but Belated Birthday wishes, dear Dhriti! You’re now 13, that freaking turn from childhood to adolescence, my word, you’re gonna enjoy it! And hope you successfully got your organic chemistry cleared 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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