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Weird Tutorials Nobody Needs

I seem to have landed on the weird side of youtube where people give tutorials on how to cry, how to open a door etc.

Look I like tutorials, they are helpful…sometimes. If they give me a tutorial on how to solve a maths problem, it’s actually useful. But seriously look at these videos.

Everyone before watching this be like –

So this weirdo creepy guy is going to be teaching me how to drink water. I’m not good at a lot of things but I know how to drink water even though I don’t do it often

And that smile at the end was goddamn creepy. I can’t.

I didn’t know how to cry when i was born. My mother showed me this video and I started crying loudly.

I was also shocked by looking at the comments. Like what?

You think he doesn’t make bad videos. The video on how to send your underwear to aliens is amazing. Very good video.


No it doesn’t ‘games forever’. Stick to games *you are probably bad at that too if you don’t know how to even drink water properly*

🎉🥳👏Congratulations, We have successfully learned how to cry… Literally🙄🙄….. A baby who was born 1 second ago also knows how to cry.

Anyway finally i can cry easily when my mom will beat me.🙂✨

Oh God I learned a lot. I was stuck in my room for so many goddamn years now I’m free. Give this man an oscar. He literally saved my life. I thought I would be stuck in my room forever. Thank you so much.


“Usually on the wall”? Thanks for the info, I always assumed it would be somewhere in the floor! Even my little 1 year old, almost 2 year old cousin sister knows how to turn on and off the light. Why would people even need this?

And how in the world does this have 2.4K likes. Not even one single dislike. And he has 3.44 lakh subscribers. Just how? What’s wrong with this generation 😑

There are like so many great YouTubers who don’t have these many subscribers.

Going off topic, has anyone ever tried to balance the switch between the ON and OFF position? 😂

25 thoughts on “Weird Tutorials Nobody Needs

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  1. People are really doing anything to be on YouTube and get some views😂. Teaching people how to drink water? Seriously 🤦‍♀️.
    Yeah as babies we didn’t know how to cry but the video helped us all😂🙂. If you haven’t tried to balance the light switch then you’re boring😂 – period🤚

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