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Reacting To Hilarious Memes ft. Rudy @Writeflow

Hey everyone! We have a very special guest today. It is A.H. Rudy @ Writeflow

Rudy : * guilty * someone has finally showed my pain 🤣

Dhriti: That is me everyday 😂

Rudy : 🤣🤣 legit !!

Dhriti: Ikr. Maths is just

Rudy : Very clever 🤣

Dhriti: Dark humour, bro 😂

Dhriti: that proud moment

Rudy : oh yeah dope

Rudy : you have seen this . I hateee it

Dhriti: lol

Rudy : backbenchers op 😏

Dhriti: happened to me once

Rudy : wait what 😲

Dhriti : Yes, it did 😔. The class topper reminded the teacher about the class test. The teacher completely forgot about that. Why the heck remind him?

Rudy : This is me trying not to mess up when they’re fighting 😆

Dhriti: lmao, so relatable

So that’s it for today’s post. Do go and check out Rudy’s blog, it’s amazing. I hope everyone laughed through out . Bye ✌️

Comment down below if you would like a part two.

18 thoughts on “Reacting To Hilarious Memes ft. Rudy @Writeflow

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  1. We need a part 2 guysss!! This was so hilarious…so..I’ve just came from school after giving my maths exam..and my mood was literally off but thanks to you guys, you both made me laugh so hard…and maths meme is so so so relatable…lol


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