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Things about my mom that just makes sense🙂✨

What’s up guys! I am back with another post. As today is Mother’s Day I decided to share some Things about my mom that just makes sense..not really. You know most bloggers write poems and appreciate their moms. But me, I am WeIrD so there you go.

On a serious note, she is a great mom. I’m so proud to be her daughter. Right from the start, she supported me in everything.

To mom-

Thank you for being there with just the love I needed. Raising me takes a lot of patience. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Sorry if I drove you crazy sometimes 😜

With love from the luckiest daughter in the world.

Thanks for putting up with my sister and I (mostly my sister). You’re the best, and we feel so blessed to have you!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Waking me up

She wakes me by pulling my bed sheet.

Oh hey this is a Telugu movie. I think I have watched it.

I am a very lazy person. I love to wake up late and with my mom waking me up early it is not easy. Every day I wake up with my mom yelling at me. Such a nice way to wake up 🙂✨


“Look at sister.” “Look at your cousins” “Look at your dad’s aunt’s sister’s husband’s cousin’s daughter” “Go study. Stop doing timepass.” “What do you do all the time” “all you do is sit, eat, sleep. That is it. Nothing else, huh?”

Anyone relate.

“Clean”my room and put everything in a different place

Ik my room is messy. But I like it think of it as clean in my own way. I literally know where I dumped my stuff like a year ago (yes I still didn’t clean that. Have patience)

She always tells me dinner is “soon”, even though dinner is in like three hours.

Mom- dinner is ready

Dinner served

Me ~

Do I even need to explain this?

Blaming gadgets for everything

Me: Ma, I’m not feeling well

Mom: You’re not feeling well because you use too much cellphone, gadgets or computer!

Gadgets be like ~


There are times when my room is actually ✨messy✨ but ignoring that.

Mom- “Oh god! what is this mess?”

Me – “What are you talking about?”

Mom – “don’t use that tone with me. Go clean your room. Right this instant.

Unreasonable Expectations

Me – “I got 100 marks” (that sounds impossible but sure let’s go with this for now.”

Mom- “why did you get a 110”

Me- “ you can’t get a 110

Mom- “you can’t if you don’t study enough you need to be in those books instead of watching YouTube (again blaming gadgets).

She will find any reason to get mad at me.

Cautious Driving

When she is driving, I am not supposed to talk, breath, practically do nothing which I am great at btw

Guilting me

Mom- can you go and buy some veggies

Me- I am actually busy

Mom- I had you in my womb for 9 months and you can’t do this simple errand for me 🙂✨

Mom- clean your mom

Me- maybe later. I need to study. Can you do it?

Mom- when I die, you will understand. I’ll die by doing the housework itself. Am I your servant?

Happy Mother’s Day y’all! Comment down below things about ur mom that just make sense and tell me if you can relate to these.

31 thoughts on “Things about my mom that just makes sense🙂✨

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  1. I don’t have the room thing any more because suddenly I started keeping it tidy but when I was younger she would come in and scream at me “this room looks like a pig sty! And I know cos I grew up on a farm! You know what it’s actually even messier than a pig sty!” Then I would say “mum there is like 2 things on the floor”.🤣🤣🤣

    Liked by 2 people

  2. 😂 Haven’t related this much, ever…. I feel bad for our gadgets lol
    The guilt tripping part though lmao
    There’s another thing my mom does- If i don’t do/respond to what she asks, she’ll ✨ t h r e a t e n ✨ to take away my laptop, or hide my chocolate bars 😭

    Liked by 1 person

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