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I Am So Excited!!!

Hello fellow earth dwellers!! Welcome to Earthy Diaries! And this is out very first post! probably guessed that, right? This is a collab blog …

Welcome To Earthy Diaries!

Its 6 in the evening and I literally just came back from school when I got this msg.

I am in a collab blog and we just published our first post!!! I am so excited!!

It’s called Earthy Diaries, know more about it on our first post! We released our blog today cause it’s Earth Day!!

Happy Earth Day, ppl!

~Life Update~

I am going to my uncle’s wedding tomorrow so I need to go and wear mehendi.

I am excited about the wedding because of FoOd

Another reason I am excited is that every Saturday we have a 120 marks exam (wait for it) and I get to skip it cause…I am going to a wedding

P.S. I need book recommendations (which are available on kindle unlimited)

Peace out ✌️

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