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Another Update!

So, I just realised I hadn’t post Super Spy in a long time.

Turns out Blaze had a tough childhood. Blaze blocks Jessica from his mind. Annie and Blaze fight each other. Blaze is defeated and Annie sprains her ankle. Then the Unknown appears *took him long enough* After that the Great Battle take place. He tries to distract her by telling her lies. That doesn’t work. He loses. The great battle is over. Jessica and Annie’s start 8th grade.

I just realised how crappy this is. So I came up with a way better idea. I’ll post that after a very long time, probably. And this is what happened with The Forgotten Magic Series. I emailed her cause we somehow took an untold break.

So I am going to write the forgotten magic on my own from now on. For those who don’t know I wrote Chapter 1 of forgotten magic with Rudrani @Roaring For Stories.

Also I made a April month calendar. It looks lit, doesn’t it?

Ugadi is a Karnataka New Year. I celebrate both New Years , though I count 1st Jan.

Guess why I made “Earth Day” bigger in size than the rest?

Ram Navami is Ram’s birthday. Also today is my first of 8th grade. I’ll post about how it went and everything later. So stay tuned.

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