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A Week In The Life Of Me

P.S. It’s is not technically a week. It’s just 5 days (very random 5 days)

26th March, Saturday

My exams got over. It was a half day at school so school left at 12:30. Me and my friends took some pics, talked, had some snacks and went home.

As it was the last day of school, all the boys in my class bought Rs.200, Rs. 500. After counting the money it was more that 2K 😳 So the boys picked up their cycles after school and went to have pizza.

Also on that same day, 5th graders were graduating and this one boy looked like mini Harry Potter with his wizard robe on 😉

I reached home, tore my hall ticket in pieces and did a dramatic exit. Then I took a u-turn and cleaned the mess up 😅. After that, well, I just watched YouTube, chilled, ate and then slept (what? I was tired)

My mom took me to the book store and surprise surprise we got a book. I read pretty much all the books there so not a lot of options.

Later, I got hungry. So I went to Burger King. I had burger, coke, fries. My sis had an exam going on so she didn’t come. My mom got her gobi and went back home.

It was late. I went to bed and started reading in my kindle under the covers.

27th March, Sunday

I wake up late. Bath late. Relax.

Around 2:30, my friend, Manya came over. At first, it was awkward because we haven’t seen each other in many years. We were friends throughout 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade. So yeah, it’s been a long time.

We both went to Mantri Mall with our parents. We talk, roam around. While our parents, talk and shop. I had a lot of fun, we even bought some stuff.

Also there is this kids toy shop, we just went there for fun. And all childhood memories came back (and all math formulas went whoosh) They put a thread and hung a pig with wings. Flying pigs are REAL!! My whole life was a lie.

I tried tacos for the first time and it was delicious.

There is this shop I went to and it has the best fries in the whole wide world. It was perfect.

Also she invited me to a slumber party along with the rest of your old friends. I may blog that. Nothing is planned yet tho. I read some books for a while (I love reading at night. I re read the naughtiest girl ever)

28th March, Monday

My sister went to school. I woke up late ofc, ate and then went to bath. I binge watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It’s been a long time since I watched it.

Dramatic much?

I got ready to go to my first dose of vaccination. I wore a green shirt and pants. The shirt gives me total football vibes. I got it from the mall yesterday.

I went to get my first dose of vaccination. When I saw how long the needle was, I wanted to run away.

But my mom pushed me and started taking my photo getting vaccinated. I was freaking out and all she wanted to do was taking my photo, this generation 🤦‍♀️

To calm me down, the person who was pushing a long long needle told me to look at my mom. Me be like on the inside, “I HAVE SEEN HER MY ENTIRE LIFE”

After that we went to get petrol, curd, chips and cake. All at different shops.

So right now here I am at home writing this while eating chips and listening to music.

Omggg noooooooooo. The chips are over. It’s dead. It’s gone.

I watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine. My mom went and picked up my sis from school.

We ate lunch and then my mom and I went to buy stuff for the Pooja. It’s my grandma’s death anniversary tomorrow. I didn’t really know her. She died when I was a kid.

Anyways, we did Pooja shopping which was really boring. After that, we went to have some-

Mirchi Bajji

I have no idea what you call these in English.

While we were buying it. The uncle asked us, “How’s life?”My mom replied, “Nothing much” He asked another customer the same question. She was having earphones on, so she replied, “One plate”

When I was taking these photos. The uncle asked me what I was doing. I replied that I wanted to take pics. “Oh, I thought you wanted to take my pic” he joked.

29th March, Tuesday

My sister went to school today also. She is in 10th, people. Deal with it. Today is my paternal grandmother’s death day. A whole lot of Pooja is going on. I woke up LATE, no surprise there.

I sat in my room watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine while they kept preparing for the Pooja. Afterwards, I got ready and came out of my room (my mom forced me out)

I did everything they asked me to. I can’t feel my legs anymore. I was bored out of my mind. It’s 11:51 right now and the Pooja is over. I ate lunch. My mom made a lot of Indian food.

My sis came back from school. Also if your exams are still going (ik for a fact that pre boards and boards are near) this may help.

The part on my hand on which they pushed a VERY long needle (vaccination) hurts. My mom tells it is because of me using gadgets. No relation.

I tried drawing my sis when she was a kid. Here is how it turned out.

It’s looks so bad 😂

Just imagine her hair is not messy and she is standing straight.

Actual pic

I wanna roast that kid trying to cover up his face and those stupid dolls 💁‍♀️

I removed my hairband and exchanged it with my sister’s hairband. When she found out and confronted me. I said,

Now suddenly you’re asking for it back
Could you tell me, where’d you get the nerve?

You broke me first by Tate McRae 😂

We both cracked up so hard and then… she demanded her hairband back. She is super protective over her stuff.

My old childhood friend came over. We don’t talk anymoreee (Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez) and that is completely fine with he and I except out parents, they are always like “TALK!” “TALK!”

Our parents are still friends..somehow. Whenever they visit, I stay locked up in my room 🙂

30th March, Wednesday

I woke up at 7:45 (am not pm if that was not clear) because I was going to the movie with my friends (Manya, Srushti and her sister Varsha)

I got ready. After that, all of us went to watch RRR.

It is an awesome movie! I watched it in Telugu. It is also dubbed in other languages if you want to check it out.

Fire vs Water

After watching the movie, we went to

We had burgers and sandwich. It’s been a long time since I had a burger (during editing- me reading that I had a burger on 26th March be like –

We took some pictures, talked about stuff and that’s about it.

My mom and I went to pick up my sis from school. We went home. Then, I annoyed my sis and slept (what? Annoying your siblings is a VERY hard job)

Afterwards, I had to attend tuition. P.S. School reopens on April 6th 🙂

Also I found this on Pinterest. I found it really helpful..

My mom and her friends are going to watch Kashmir Files tomorrow. I can’t go because I am below 18years of age. Turns out, there is a lot of violence. There is also a lot of violence when my sister and I fight.

How is this so accurate?

Anyway, I am ending the post here. Peace ✌️

Another relatable gif

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