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Tips on how to annoy your sibling 😉

So I have seen a lot of bloggers post tips on studying, staying productive, being healthy..etc. I am good at none of them but I always wanted to give tips. But how I am supposed to give tips if I am not good at the thing myself.

The only things I am good at is hibernating, sleeping, eating and annoying my elder sister.

If you have a sibling than this post is definitely for you.


  • You should be prepared to get in trouble.
  • Never expect defeat. Always have back-up plans.
  • If you get in a lot of trouble, it’s best to be dead nice to your parents, but be completely and utterly horrid to your sibling behind their backs. She will hate it.
  • Prepare for revenge; your sibling will want to get even with you.
  • No matter what she accuses you of deny it.
  • If she’s of a certain type she may even be ready to tackle you and tear you to shreds, so make sure you’re armed with something such as a favourite thing to hold at ransom.

Now, let’s get into the post!

Follow Them

If they ask what you are doing, simply ignore them or answer, “Nothing.” Follow them outdoors if they leave the house. Wait outside the door if they shut themselves in a room and keep reminding them that you’re there. Say something like “Hey, I’m still here” every few minutes. Don’t worry, I haven’t left!”

Note: Pretend you’re going to your room or getting a snack from the kitchen if your parents come in.

Repeat everything they say in a high-pitched voice

If they figure it out and ask what you’re doing, simply repeat the question. If they become frustrated and say, “You’re so obnoxious, stop it,” reply in a high-pitched voice, “You’re so obnoxious, stop it.”

Change “I’m an idiot!” to “You’re an idiot!” if they say “I’m an idiot!” and expect you’ll repeat it. It’ll drive them insane!

ANNOY them

Stand in front of the TV so they can’t see and demand attention. Bang on the door until they let you in.

Hide your siblings’ stuff. Hide and then jump out and scare them.

Turn off the WiFi when they’re using their computer. Make sure your parents aren’t using the WiFi or you could get in trouble

Wake them up with a ✨special✨ way

If your sibling is still sleeping and your awake then.. it is your lucky day.

Wake your sibling up early in the morning with a loud noise.

While they’re sleeping, sneak inside their room and get near to their ear. Then, to wake them up, clap your hands together or yell. Run into your room and climb into your bed as soon as they wake up. “I never did it,” you can claim when they challenge you about it. “I’m sure you were dreaming.” If you want to be extra obnoxious, bring a metal spoon or saucepan with you and bang them together.

Shout the same song over and over again

In your worst singing voice ever.

Pretend they don’t exist

Completely ignore them. Sometimes the best way to annoy your sibling is not to do anything at all – just pretend she doesn’t exist! Don’t ever look at her or acknowledge her presence at all. She may not notice or care at first, but after a while it’ll start to drive her crazy! Whenever she says something to you, don’t reply, pretend you didn’t hear anything. You could even look around you in a bewildered way and say something like “who said that?” or “did you hear that?” You can take this even further by pretending she doesn’t even exist. When you set the table for dinner leave her place blank. Or when anyone mentions her name, look really confused and ask “who?”

I have never completed this prank cause I usually need something from her. But at school, it is like, “I don’t know you. You don’t know me. We aren’t related”

Take their diary, where they writes all of her innermost thoughts and secrets 😈

You should do this if you wanna get your sibling really mad.

47 thoughts on “Tips on how to annoy your sibling 😉

Add yours

  1. 😈😈😈haha… my sis is abt to have the worst week ever! these tips are GOLD! PLATINUM! and one small but sure way to annoy her is poking their arm with a pen, but with the lid off, so she will frantically search for a pen mark, and nothing will be there🙂🙃Ok tested and approved!😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lucky😂 But annoying your siblings is the best, if it is the other way round…
      Don’t you get bored being an only child. Once, my sister went to my grandparents house for the holidays and I stayed home with my parents. It was soo boring.


  2. Omw!!!!
    Im so lucky my siblings don’t do anything annoying to me!!!!

    Cos I’m the biggest!!!
    And I’m terrifying
    I swear my littlest sister is more scared of me than my mom!!!!

    Plz don’t show them this post


    1. Really!? That is not a sibling relationship. You guys are not following the sibling code of conduct. It is our duty to annoy our siblings.
      Are you like hulk? More than your mom? That is…
      Lol, okay. I don’t even know them😂


  3. Ah one of my fav things to do is waking my brother up. So basically me and him go to different school and I HAVE TO GET UP AT SIX AM. He has to get up at 8am. So when I get up in the morning I put on really loud music which I know he hates.


  4. Welp, I do not have an elder sis… but I do have a twin brother 😏 who is a pain in mah ass 😑
    I have tried every single one, and I got beaten by him very BADLY… I mean it-
    seriously, having a TWIN brother is something which you cant imagine! sooo… Any tips Dhriti
    BTW… a RELATABLE post, i mean it- it felt as if you literally wrote down all the tips and tricks used by siblings!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Twin? Fraternal (me pretending I did not spend 2 mins typing this) or Identical ?
      Lol, guess all siblings are like this 😂
      Definitely can’t imagine that. I mean I have never even had a brother, let alone twin brother. Wait..what if I have a twin but he/she got separated at birth 🤨
      I have no tips for that 👀
      Thank you! All siblings have tried these at least one. It is very FUN.

      Liked by 1 person


    I AM DYING——



    We have this deal that we never share each other’s secrets but he is only 9 so he keeps saying this to my PARENTS once in a while when he’s in rage, “OH. YOU THINK I DO BAD STUFF ON THE LAPTOP?!! CHECK OUT ANJALI (me)”

    I HATE HIM. I cannot even break the deal as he will reveal old secrets. WHAT DO I DO?!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Ummm you know for waking up my sister the *special* way, I-
    you’ll never guess.
    I switched off the fan. That’s the time tested Indian way of waking someone up. It worked miracles.
    I do each and every one of this, it’s so fun, but when my sister does it is IRRITATING.
    My sister like snitches on me, I cannot even tag her along, because all my secrets just spill out.
    I asked her to lie for me once and she goes- “DIVI TOLD ME TO TELL YOU SHE WAS GOING TO STUDY WHEN SHE WATCHES THE KDRAMA.”
    I needn’t say anything else, she’s annoying. But this post was HILARIOUS

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omgg! that’s the coolest idea ever. My sister can’t even bear a little bit of heat.
      Ikrr, siblings love to snitch. (I do too…) You gotta bribe them with dirt or snacks. Same dude. My sister is so annoying.
      Thank you so much, Divi!


  7. Okay this post is EVERYTHING I’ve ever needed. Tysm for the amazing tips, I SHALL DO ALL OF IT RIGHT AWAY and then come thank you after my victory. ALSO THE PENGUIN MEME IS SO ACCURATE 🤣🤣🤣

    Liked by 1 person

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