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I hit 100 followers!!

Yayyyy. I hit 100 followers. Thank you all so so much.

When I told my mom I hit 100 followers:

Her reaction

Anyways, I know I was supposed to do an assumptions post when I hit 50 followers. That got delayed. For so long that I got 50 new followers.

So I am now doing it for 100 followers.

Akshita @Anthology Of Akshita’s Thoughts

1. Your favourtite colour is blue.

Yup. Blue is my favourite colour.💙

2. You are popular irl.

I guess you could say that…I’m in a new school and all so..But I made some friends here.

3. You prefer movies to books.

Nope. I read the books but sometimes only sometimes I see the movie. Key word: sometimes.

Gelina @Day In And Day Out With Gelina

1. You are a dog person

Yessss. Dogs are literally so cute, loyal, brave and the perfect pets.

2. You have a pet

Sadly no.

Iron man❤️. Sad he the movie.

3. You love reading

Reading books keeps me calm and happy.

4. You love blogging


5. You like purple

Purple is my third favourite colour. It’s a cool colour.😎

6. You like making stories

Yeah, I like writing stories. Imagining a world outside, unlike the one I’m in.

7. You have siblings

Not siblings. Just one. An irksome elder sister.

Nehal Jain @Quirky Pages

-You watch a few Hindi cartoons

Yup, I do watch some Hindi cartoons like Shinchan, Chhota Bheem, Ninja Hattori. But I do not watch a lot of cartoons nowadays.

-You’re an ambivert

I’m more extroverted than introverted. I’m like 85% extroverted and 15% introverted.

-Studies are forgotten when you gotta blog

-You wanna be an author

I do but the thing is when I start writing a book. I don’t complete it.

-You know I’m awesome 🙂


Riddhi @Whispering Stories

1. You do not like Olivia Rodrigo

I don’t not like Olivia Rodrigo. Just not a fan of her songs. And also check this video out.

2. You enjoy writing more than reading

It’s hard to choose between those two.

3. You do not like the colour orange

It’s ok. Not my favourite colour.

4. You do not like the fruit orange 🍊

What’s up with you and orange? Though this one is true. I don’t like the fruit orange.

5. You like dogs more than cats

Doggos rule!

Betty @ The Box Of Wonder

– You first started this blog just for your story series “super spy” and then you saw the posts of other bloggers and started doing awards, tags and all those stuff

Yeah, that’s how it all went. You just described by blogging history😂

– You were confused how to nominate people in awards and tags?


– you like skating?

Yes, I like roller skating. I have been skating since I was in 3rd grade.

It looks somewhat like this.

– You’re glad that you know an amazing person like me 😎

You are really helpful and help me figure out WP. So yeah😂

Silver Stone @The Bored Side Of The Phone

1. Your favourite genre of books is either YA or fantasy

I like to read fiction, fantasy and mystery.

2. You’re a huge fan of dogs and want to own one somewhere in the future

Of course, dogs are the cutest and the best pets. I do not own a dog 😢but I want to own one somewhere in the future.

3. You secretly like anime and want to give it a try

No…I do not like anime. I like Pokemon though. No other anime shows/movies

4. Blogging is your sweet escape whenever you’re down in the dumps


5. You’re a huge Taylor Swift fan, and Red is one of your favourite albums

Okay, great assumption but no. It’s wrong 😑. Don’t unfollow me🙂🔪

I never listened to any Taylor Swift songs, didn’t know where to start. If any swiftes are reading this. Give me some song recommendations

Anoushka @Dipped In Ink

– you want to become a really famous author


– you love to read

Again yes, I love to read.

– you want to go to hogwarts

Hogwarts. What could be better than to learn magic? I do not want to learn boring muggle subjects. My favourite subject in Hogwarts would probably be Defence against the dark arts.

– you love it when people say you’re funny and you love to make them laugh


– you secretly want to become a little green alien

What!? I think I read it wrong.Ok yeah I read it right. Now, why would I want to become a little green alien. Just no. No.

That’s all for today. Thank you guys so much!!

73 thoughts on “I hit 100 followers!!

Add yours


    Also this part…. You do not like Olivia Rodrigo

    I don’t not like Olivia Rodrigo. Just not a fan of her songs. And also check this video out.

    I SO AGREEEE! Her voice is amazing, but the lyrics. She is stuck on one breakup, plus, Sabrina and Joshua suffered and she doesn’t care, I mean they legit got hate letters lol.


    Liked by 3 people

  2. Congrats on 100 followers!!!!!!!!!! Here’s to many more, lah! 🥰🥳
    Also, haven’t heard Taylor Swift?! *dies gasping*

    Nehal’s Ghost- try listening to champagne problems, or i knew you were trouble ..or just about any song by her

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Congratulations on 100 followers Dhriti- that’s amazing!
    I loved reading your answers to all the assumptions! Also, coincidentally, I literally just saw that video last night, after it popped up in my YT feed, lol

    And how have you not heard TS?!?! Songs you can begin with:
    1. tis the damn season
    2. Style
    3. Dancing With Our Hands Tied
    4. Message in a Bottle
    5. You Belong With Me
    6. illicit affairs
    7. London Boy
    8. Picture to Burn
    9. Mine

    I have literally recd one song from each album lol

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you so much, Riddhi!
      Glad you liked it.
      Sameee, YT is like “hey check this video. I’m recommending it to everyone you know so you might as well watch it”
      Yes, I haven’t heard a single TS song except You Belong With Me. Again a YT recommendation.
      Wow, so many recommendations. Making a playlist called “Riddhi’s Recommendations”

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Congratulations Dhriti 🥳🎉🎉

    My name is Lokesh Sastya. I am 20 year old college student. I usually write about my day to day life.

    Have a great journey ahead.💡🚀🌍

    What’s your blogging experience so far?

    Liked by 1 person

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