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Happy Birthday Selina!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *gasps for breath* It. Is. Officially. Mah. Birthday. I can’t believe it! I feel exactly …

🎉 It’s my birthday! 😄🥳 | 12 facts about me

Today is Selina’s Birthday! Go follow her blog if you haven’t already.

The minions look so cute

She even wrote a book with her friend, Charlotte. It’s about Aleus and Esmerelda who are on a quest to find their father after he mysteriously disappeared. Along the way, they make some new friends who help them along their journey.

Hope your birthday is
As special as you are.
Wishing you all the happiness
Someone as nice as you deserves.

If there’s anyone who should have
A really perfect day
It is you.
Have a wonderful year ahead!

Your birthday is
The perfect time to remind you
What a wonderful person you are.

Happy, happy birthday to you!
Can’t think of anyone else
That is more deserving of
And incredibly-happy day.

That’s all for today and also happy birthday to you too, Kunjal!

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