My cycling experience | H2O is important 😶‍🌫️

Hey y’all. Water is important, very important. I learned that by a real life lesson. You can check out my essay on water here

P.S. Happy Republic Day🇮🇳

Now time for the life lesson.

I go cycling from my house to a university called GKVK (university of agriculture science). I don’t know it’s full form so don’t ask.

You may ask why go cycling in a university. Well this university has loads of greenery and trees. It’s a pretty great place to go cycling. And it is huge.

It’s like a huge square( not exactly a square, kind of like a square) I go from my house to GKVK, inside GKVK (I have to go straight then take a right) I have reach that huge square kind of thingy.

Two of those sides are uphill. Why is it hard? It has to do with gravity. That’s also the reason why walking up stairs is so much harder than walking down stairs- when we go up, we have to work to overcome the force of gravity, while when we go down, the pull of gravity makes it easier for us. As you can guess the slopes are my favourite part.

GKVK is sunny, windy, greener (greener cause whole of Bangalore is filled with trees but some people are cutting down trees. Like near my house there was this whole trees and if gave my fresh air, shade. But when they cut it down. There was lot of smoke. Cutting down trees will affect the water cycle, it will destroy the flora and fauna, it will lead to an increase in carbon dioxide, thereby increasing global warming. Cutting trees destroys the habitat of animals and birds, causing floods and fires.)

Overall GKVK, is like a forest but with roads and few buildings. There are also really pretty peacocks. I don’t have a photo right now, if I found one I will show it.

Ready For Some Dramatic Story Time

One fine day I went cycling without drinking water💦.

I am not really great at routes so I follow my sis. She was overexcited for some reason and went like 💨.

I had to go with my instincts. My instincts are not really that great but manageable. I reached GKVK. I entered and..

Forgot where to go next. I waited there. Finally I saw my sister returning back to where I was standing. She says, “Mental (that’s her nickname for me),ah?”

Then we cycled, she was going so fast.

Let’s pause story time for a while. I found out GKVK full form. I’ll also give you guys more info on GKVK.

Gandhi Krishi Vignana Kendra is the main campus of the premier farm University of India, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore. The University was established in in 1965. The University’s main campus was situated in a place called as Hebbal and that had become a landmark in Bangalore.

A decade later, for reasons of expansion, main campus of the University was relocated to a place opposite a landmark known as Jakkur Aerodrome. The new campus was named after the father of the country and was called as Gandhi Krishi Vignana Kendra and now is popularly known as GKVK Campus.The campus is just a couple of Kilometers away from Hebbal off the Bangalore’ s International Airport Road.

If there is a green haven in Bangalore apart from lung spaces such as Cubbon Park (visited it more than once) and Lalbagh (I went there for a field trip once), that has to be the GKVK campus with majestic buildings nestled a-midst lush green untouched forest areas (now recognized as Biodiversity heritage sites and are protected).


What did I do wrong? You know, whenever I am confused I do eenie meanie mini mo or inky pinky ponky. Most of the time works😎 like 90 percent useful.

I got tired after completing 2 sides very easily. By the time I got to the third side I was like “I’m gonna die. I can’t” Yes, it’s a bit dramatic but it’s true.

And there was a whole lot of sunshine. Sunlight is important but it is seriously so hard with the heat. I know, sunlight is essential for human health and well-being. Sunlight has a variety of health benefits, including producing vitamin D, supporting bone health, decreasing blood pressure, avoiding disease, and enhancing mental wellness. But for me it was no use that day.

I just drank one sip of water the whole day, getting annoyed by maths and going cycling after that without drinking water was just perfect🙂

I was losing my breath. Water is very important, kids. I was almost there and

The University

Over here somewhere, my untied lace (not the chips ofc) got tangled with the peddle. And I fell. Hard.😳

I didn’t want to get up and my sister was no where to be found. If I lay there for a little bit more time everyone would be whispering to each other. “Oh m geez (in an over exaggerating voice). Is she dead?”

So I got up. Somehow I untangled my shoe laces from the cycle. My sister was still nowhere to be seen. What a great sister she is🙂✨.

I got back on my cycle not dusting myself cause how am I going to prove that i fell or else my sister would be like “your lying. You were resting this ‘whole’ time🙄.”

I cycled and cycled and finally saw my sister. She was like “where the hell did you go?”

“Oh I was just sitting there, relaxing cause I got nothing better to do🙂” I had tuition in another 10-15 min that day.

We reached home and this is what I did..

What did we learn here today…

Moral 1 : Getting enough water every day is important for your health. Drinking water can prevent dehydration, a condition that can cause unclear thinking, result in mood change, cause your body to overheat. Water helps your body to keep a normal temperature.


Wait till the end😂

Moral 3: DON’T cut trees


On a serious note, my sister did create and design this blog. So thanks sis.

But I created the featured images and edited the post. So thanks Dhriti.😆

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