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Episode 24

“Give us the amulet, we know you have it.” Annie said. “You are not getting anything. Just get out of here and I’ll let you walk free.”

“Listen here, fire guy. We need that amulet so just give it to us and I’ll not hurt you.” He laughed at what I said, and replied to me “YOU think you can Hurt Me.”

“If you don’t shut your big mouth. The next thing that’s going to come out is your teeth.” I said. I was going to give him a punch but Annie held me back and said to that annoying fire guy “We are sorry and I apologise for my friend here. We will leave immediately.”

“What are you doing?” I ask her confused on what she was doing. She whispered something to me. I cannot tell you what she whispered to me cause I myself didn’t hear it.

She jerked my hand and pulled me to the side where there wasn’t a lot of fire (and fire people) there. “What are you doing?” I repeated my question. “And don’t whisper this time cause I didn’t hear you the last time.”

“We need to use our brains.” “What if I don’t have a brain?” I joke even though it definitely wasn’t the time to joke.

She ignores me and said “He is going to think we left. We are going to sneak back in and take the amulet.” I cannot believe I didn’t think of that.

“Bye fire guy” I said as we headed outside and took a u-turn. The fire guy. I have to come up with a better name. How about Blaze? Yup, fire guy is now Blaze.

Blaze was somewhere else, god knows doing what. I spotted the amulet. It was like it was guarded with magical power. There was no fire around it.

Annie was about to touch the glass case. I stopped her. “Wait” I said and closed my eyes, put all my concentration and strength on the glass case. It broke and the amulet fell softly on the ground.

“Where did you even learn to do that?”

“I saw Joanna doing it. Wanted to try it for so long, never found the perfect time.”

“Well you have to teach me that. And now we got the amulet. Time to run.”

“Time to run without the amulet.” a voice said from the behind. I knew it was Blaze the moment I heard it. I didn’t want to turn but I had to.

The moment I turned, a blast of fire hit me and I fell back. “We need the amulet.” Annie said. “The sinister master wants the amulet and the kid.” It took me time to realise the sinister master means The Unknown.

I recalled Annie words, “We need to use our brains”. Let’s see how to win against a person stronger than I am. Idea 1- just fight.

I was mad at Blaze, I forced all my magic, power, strength and water flowed with electricity and fire right to attack Blaze. But it and Annie ducked just in time.

“You can’t hurt me kid”

If I am smart, I can figure this out with the help of clever fighting. I remember learning how to read a person’s mind. If I read his mind, I’ll know what he will do next. I clicked into Annie’s mind and told her my idea.

She turned to me and nodded. Annie touched my hand, and her magic flowed into me. I looked at his eyes, and went inside his thoughts. I saw a young boy, his parents were yelling at him for…not being perfect. He looked mad, but mostly sad.

He ran away from there, his parents did not even notice him gone. He was near the High Mountains, he jumped into the fire without hesitation. A person with a black hoodie, The Unknown catches him.

It shifts to the next thought.

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