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Movie Review|83 (yes, the movie name is 83)

Hello dear people. (I know aliens, dragons, wizards and witches are not going to read this cause they are too busy🥲)

And this is my very first movie review. Also Spoiler Alert.

Without further ado…

Let’s eat, no just kidding or am I😏? Okay that’s enough.

I watched this movie in Hindi, the national language of India🇮🇳

So I don’t understand cricket very well, but I do know that there is a bat and a ball and some people.

Also this is my first movie review that’s why I used my only hope, The Great Lord, The Internet.

And it replied..

  1. Watch the entire film.
  2. Start with a hook.
  3. Include a general summary.
  4. Establish your opinion.
  5. Evaluate the film.
  6. Wrap it up.

I watched the entire film, so step 1 done ✅

On June 25, 1983, 14 men defeated the twice-over World Champions West Indies at Lord’s Cricket Ground, reintroducing India to the international cricket stage.

I think that step 2 is done ✅

Captain Kapil Dev led an underdog Indian team to the country’s first-ever World Cup victory in 1983. By coming home as a group of unusually talented global champions, Kabir Khan’s (director of the movie) ’83’ highlights the journey of this squad that taught a nation to believe and place its hopes on its cricket players.

Step 3 is done ✅

Kabir Khan a passport scene to introduce the spectator to the people in the film just a few minutes in. He also utilises dialogue and casual chat to reveal a fact: Indians did not believe India could win the World Cup. That’s when you realise this film is about getting respect, not about winning on a global scale.

The director has contrasted genuine pictures with real images at every point of the film, making one sit up and take notice of the fact that he has invested substantially in research and reproduction (the sequences look as good as the real happenings on the field) of crucial moments in Team India’s 1983 World Cup adventure. You realise that the film was not only about drama or sports – it made a conscious effort to combine the two.

India’s passion of cricket stems from the way the 1983 squad went on to take the wind out of the West Indies, an almost invincible cricket team at the time, during the World Cup Finals that year. At one time during the tournament, the level of anticipation for Team India was low enough that a broadcaster might easily chose a match between the heavyweights, West Indies and Australia, over a match between India and Zimbabwe. The latter was the match in which Kapil Dev made history with the Mongoose bat.

Kapil Dev’s innings not only saved the day for India, but also earned the team a seat at the table and a great deal of respect from all quarters – the cricket control board back home, Indians living in India and abroad, the international and domestic press, and those who had already made a name for themselves in the game. The fact that no one took the captain’s goal to win the World Cup seriously plays out at several moments throughout the film, reinforcing what finally spurred the squad to put its best foot forward.The movie is about the little pleasures, sufferings, brilliant triumphs, agonising defeats, internal upheavals that each player endured, their individual journeys, and the road of creating a team that could trust and believe in itself.

Now it’s time to evaluate the film.

It’s a funny, drama-filled, sporty movie. Overall, great movie you should definitely watch it.

Also there was a person named David Frith (he wrote an article on the Indian Cricket team of that time). At the beginning of the movie he said he would eat his words (no one said if it was good) if the Indian cricket team won the World Cup. And when the Indian Cricket team won. He ate the article he wrote, and by that I actually mean actually eat.

He ate it!

Time to wrap it up.


They WON!

Is that how you wrap up?

Anyway, bye guys. This was my movie review.

12 thoughts on “Movie Review|83 (yes, the movie name is 83)

Add yours

  1. I really look forward to watch this movie! Ranveer Singh back with another new look. I remember ’83 being in hype Pre- COVID 19 (that should definitely be a new timeline) and the movie’s finally out! Great review! ✨

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I heard from a few people that 83 isn’t a movie worth watching,but after reading your review,I just might. 1983 was the turning point for Indian cricket,yes,but well,to be honest,I’d enjoy it all the more if watching the match scenes in it would be like watching the actual matches. 🙂
    Great,detailed review,overall!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Not only respect,the Indian cricket team wasn’t even known to other countries at that time. And to add to that, they defended 183 against one of the strongest West Indian teams ever,and so became even more famous for that(183 in 360 balls!!)


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