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Episode 23

Joanna agreed with us. And gave us a glass piece. “This is the original copy of the glass piece. Test your idea on this. Then you can go to High Mountains. But be careful.”

“I have an idea how we can go to High Mountains and return safe and sound.” I said. “Really?”

“Yup.” I replied. “Anyway, come on. First let’s test the glass.”

Same thing. Fire, water and hit. Easily broken. “Now can we go to the High Mountains?”

“What’s your idea to not get burned?”

“Search a nice comeback.” I replied jokingly. She looked at me with a ‘really?’ look.

“Fire Retardant Gel. Also Mineral wool, it can resist temperatures above 1000°C making it an ideal choice for fire protection. Hafnium carbonitride, it has high thermal conductivity and resistance to oxidation, as well as the highest melting point among all known compounds.”

“That’s a lot of options, how do you expect us to wear them.” she asked me. “Professor Felix Whitelock.” I said.

In the attic of the box room, I opened a small door. You’d locate the dark area beyond it that you could enter with some cautious climbing. The dimly lit area resembled a lengthy tunnel with a brick wall on one side and a slanted roof on the other. Between the slates on the roof, there were small slivers of light. In this tunnel, there was no floor: you had to step from rafter to rafter, with only plaster between them.

“Hey Prof, we need your help.” I said to Professor Whitelock. He was an inventor and a scientist. “A fire repellent suit. We are visiting High Mountains.” He didn’t ask any questions and said, “Ah, I made a fire repellent suit before but if your going to High Mountains. Then I’ll need to add a few things.”

Not the exact one I was imaging, but it’s close

Professor Whitelock added a few touch ups and soon there were 2 suits ready. “There you go, Emerald and Crystal.”

“You ready?” Annie asked me as we were standing in front of The High Mountains. “Yeah.” I told as I realised that Annie figured out the case without her I would definitely still be stuck at square one. As we were about to enter through those yellow tapes I said “Thanks, you know for being my friend.”

“Your sarcastic, funny, kind, friendly and the best friend I can ever have. You make your fair share of mistakes, but you learn from them. Your loyal and can be a little rebellious.” she said that made me smile.

“Come on let’s go in the fire.” I said. “Wow, that’s a sentence I never thought I would say.”

It was a very intense and destructive fire in which strong currents of air are drawn into the blaze from the surrounding area making it burn more fiercely. It smelt like burning wood, smoke, and ash in there.

“Who’s that?” said a harsh voice booming through out, it made me feel nervous. Then a man came closer. He was wearing a red shirt and black pants. Sounds normal enough, right? Well you are completely wrong. When he saw us, he was raged with anger. “Get out of here, you lost kids.”

“Kid is innocent; me. Kiddish is immature; you.” I said though he didn’t look that old.

“Give us the amulet, we know you have it.”

Yup, that’s it. I’ll try and post tomorrow. So until then.. bye

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