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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! Merry Merry Christmas, yay! I’m so happy.

Christmas time is here. My most favourite time of the year. It’s the most beautiful time of the year. Lights fill the street and spreading much cheer. Playing in the winter snow. Everyone’s gathered around the fire drinking warm hot chocolate.

Winter paints the perfect scene. Twinkling lights that makes my day. Hustle bustle in the square , Christmas spirit fills the air. Everyone is bright and happy. Christmas smiles are welcoming, everyone is family. Having so much to celebrate, everyday is a holiday. Word on the street Santa’s coming, spreading joy and happiness wherever he goes. Reindeer’s flying through the sky so high.

I like the sounds of sleigh bells ringing in my ear. And presents wrapped under the tree, I hope Santa left one just for me. With Christmas lights for all to see, carols sung in harmony. This time of the year is my favourite, with snow falling from above. You don’t want to miss this cause all of our wishes are coming true. The surprise look when opening presents, wrapped in ribbons and bows. It does not matter what the gift is, all that counts is the feeling given with it.

The Christmas Spirit is made up of numerous aspects. Giving, hope, good cheer, love, understanding, helping, and goodwill to everybody. These are the Christmas feelings that support the things that go along with this wonderful holiday, such as presents, children, Christmas trees, decorations, cookies and candies, and so on.

here is a poem by me…

Christmas is here!
Let’s celebrate with cheer

The real joy of Christmas,
Is giving not taking from others,
It is the only joy that increases with no limit,
When you give it as much as you can to others

Christmas is the day
That holds all time together

Christmas is most truly Christmas when
We celebrate it by giving the light of love
To those who need it most

Santa Claus is anyone who loves everyone
And seeks to make them happy

I wish I could put some of
The Christmas Spirit
In jar and open a jar of it
Every month

Time to Open My
Christmas Present!

I unwrap my christmas present
What could it be?

Maybe something that I have
Always wanted

A look of surprise
A tiny gasp
A squeal

Get ready people. Santa’s coming!!!!

Also how old is Santa because he has been around for generations?Does he have some magic 🪄 thingies to you know stay alive like the elixir of life.

Anyway that is it for today, Merry Christmas

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  1. It was fun reading your post! Merry Christmas to you and your family! Stay safe, stay happy. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE!!


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