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A Christmas Miracle

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!!

As it is Christmas Eve I thought to tell the story of Santa Claus. So huddle up and get a nice warm cup of milk or hot chocolate or anything you want to drink.

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Brooklyn nine-nine

Nicholas, a wealthy and prosperous guy who resided in the North Pole, once existed. He was a generous and nice man. Nicholas delighted in surprising people, and he frequently went out of his way to make others happy.

Nicholas had a unique pastime. In his spare time, he would create beautiful wooden toys, but no one ever saw them.

Nicholas wanted to do something special for the youngsters in his life over the Christmas season. One morning, as he sat in his chair, he had an epiphany. Nicholas planned to carve a variety of exquisite toys as Christmas gifts for all the small boys and girls.

He’d go up every house’s chimney and stuff presents into the stockings that hung beside the fireplace.

Nicholas snuck towards a neighbouring house late that night and climbed to the top of the roof as everyone else slept.

He hurled a toy down the chimney and dashed back down. Nicholas did this to a few houses, but he got weary of it after a while. He sped back to his house, grabbed his sleigh, and harnessed his reindeer to it. NIcholas returned to the snow and cold, but his sled became trapped in the snow after just a short distance. Nicholas was struggling to free the reindeer from the snow when an angel arrived out of nowhere. Nicholas, the angel stated, you are a good man, and I want to help you. The angel touched the reindeers. “Now these reindeers are extraordinary; they will be able to fly,” the angel remarked as she stroked the reindeers. The angel then waved her hand, revealing a swarm of little elves.

They were clad in green, with towering green caps on their heads, and long comical ears. “They will provide joy to countless children by delivering gifts. They’re also quick and will help make a variety of toys.” Nicholas was taken aback, but he was overjoyed. Everyone climbed onto the sleigh, and with a single shake of the reindeer’s ropes, they flew far into the sky, spreading Christmas joy and love. “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!” Nicholas remarked.

The children awoke the next morning and raced to the hearth. They yelled with delight when they took the items from the stockings! “Someone miraculously placed a gift in our stocking, Mommy.” It’s a beautiful toy!”

And thus is how Nicholas came to be known as Santa Claus.

There are a lot of stories on how Nicholas became Santa Claus. And this is one of them. Also do see the movie “A Boy Called Christmas” it is a great movie and book. I saw the movie 😙 cause I did not know there was a book 📕

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