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Year 2321 | Ft. Suhani

Hey everyone. I wrote a story on Pollution with Suhani @ Random Reader’s Rambles. She has an amazing blog so be sure to check it out… This story is a about a 12 year old girl who invents a time machine and travels to the future. You may think how pollution is related to all of this.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Name- Ivy Maxwell 

Age- 12 years

Setting – New York City

Scientists had been looking for a substance that would allow them to travel across time. I analysed the report carefully, making a note of the elements I utilised to create the sophisticated chemical. The results left me speechless, with a slew of emotions racing through my mind.

I looked at the time machine in front of me . I couldn’t believe it. I had actually built it. After a year of intense research and scavenging parts from the weirdest places, I had brought my dream to life. Everyone thought I was mad for doing this, but I’m going to prove them wrong. I’m 12 years old, but age is just a number.

I picked up a paper and wrote a note, 

Dear mom and dad

I will be gone for a while. Don’t worry about me.


Ivy Maxwell

My parents are workaholics. I don’t even think they would bother to check up on me. I love my parents and all, but they don’t seem to have any time for me. I get up from my chair and out of my laboratory. And into the living room, where I placed the note. 

I headed back into my lab and got everything for my great expedition. My eyes were set on the future and I’m sure my time machine could take me there. I keyed in the date – “Date -22nd November , Year -2321” and took a deep breath. This was actually happening.. Without another moment of hesitation I pressed the button. Enough of New York City, Now it’s time for the future. 

Suddenly, the room went dark, blinding my eyes. The room was like the midnight sky without any light. Then it started spinning and spinning. All of a sudden it stopped. I looked around in my new surroundings in awe. I was in a room filled with technological devices, many of which I’ve never seen before in my life.

I opened the door of my lab and headed outside. I noticed that the sky was grey and hazy with little to any sunlight. The weather was bone chilling, I was only wearing my lab coat, a black shirt and light blue jeans. 

There was not a single person in sight. Except a man carrying an oxygen cylinder on his back. The air was getting tighter, it was getting very hard to breathe. I started coughing, my lungs were hurting. The man rushed to my side in an instant and put an oxygen mask on my mouth. I finally catched my breath and said “Thank you .”

“Why are you outside at a time like this? The air has become so poisonous that it is necessary to use the oxygen kits to breathe easily.” 

“What!?” “Kids,” he sighed. “I’m from the past. I built a time machine and came here for what? I thought there would be technology, people, and the future.”

“Really? You think I’m going to believe that? Look here, kid. Mounting levels of CO2 in the Earth’s atmosphere is raising temperatures, melting the polar ice caps and rising sea levels. Furthermore, over-pollution of the skies is eventually blocking out the sun, not only leaving us cold and dark, but without any way of growing crops and feeding livestock. So, less people. And we have so many gadgets and technology. That’s what caused this whole thing. I thought they taught you this stuff in school, “ he said, rolling his eyes. “Anyway, what’s your name?” asked the man. 

“Can you ask an easier question?” I said sarcastically. “It’s Ivy. Ivy Maxwell. I am from the year 2021”

“Are you really? Wasn’t that they year with the huge virus? COVID-19 right?. How was it, Ivy?” 

“Yep. It’s been a crazy time . What’s your name?” 

“Dr. Harding.” 

“Well doc, I take all my classes virtually now. And I can barely even get out of my house these days. I feel dead. It’s boring staying at home everyday all alone.” 

“Your parents?” 

“I don’t think they really care about me. The only thing on their minds is work. Everyday work, work. If that’s what it’s like to be an adult. I’d much rather be a kid, thank you. Anyways, where are the kids, children, adults?, you know people?” 

“Let me show you and keep that oxygen kit with you.” He motioned me to follow him and so I did. The sky was low and dark. The thick cloud, grey as a stone gave the monochromatic world outside a claustrophobic feeling. I kept walking and feeling sad seeing the future. 

Dr. Harding stopped in front of a huge building. We entered the building, it looked like a hospital but there were no people. None. Nada. Walking into the building , right away you notice a different smell profile. It’s antiseptic, a little bitter, with undertones of the artificial fragrance contained in soaps and cleaners. 

We went inside the elevator. As we were going up, I asked Dr. Harding “where are we?” 

“Kid’s Hospital,” he replied nonchalantly. 

“But where are the people, doctors, nurses, patients?” 

“Follow me.” 

We entered a room filled with sick kids. I could feel the sadness from the lobby. It felt so gloomy and sombre. I realised the kids were sick because of me, my friends, my family. The pollution the whole world caused.

All the kids were full of sorrow. The kids feel lonely and scared, as they are taken away from the safe and empathetic environment of their home and instead are forced to reside in an unfamiliar, intimidating and uncomfortable environment. 

The room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. It was like a vacuum. “Wait here”, I told doctor Harding.”I think I know something that will make these kids feel better”

I found some blank papers, some pens, and a new future printer. Then, my mind clicked. I took my phone and somehow connected it to the printer and printed drawings for kids to draw. I also made and printed some get well soon cards.

Get Well Soon Card

Another Get Well Soon Card

I played some music. To make all the gloominess go. I found a new laptop, a model of which I’ve never seen before, in which I searched for a nice happy movie to play. I found blankets which I sterilised just to make sure it was safe. I moved all around the hospital and finally found a big basket in which I put all the cards, printouts, papers and pens for the kids to draw. 

I entered the room. The atmosphere was tense. You could cut the air with a knife. 

I pulled a bench in the centre and placed the laptop on the table. Dr. Harding and the rest stared at me, wondering what I was doing. “Um hey everyone. My name is Ivy. I think I’m partially responsible for the state that you’re in now. Anyways I thought I could play a movie for you all, so you feel a bit better. It’s a bit of an older one but I hope you all like it” I said, as I walked around giving every kid get well soon cards, printouts, pens and pencils.The kids actually smiled hearing the music and watching the movie. The gloominess was going away. 

“Wow, they actually look.. Happy”, said Doctor Harding. “Anyways Ivy, since you do seem like you are truly from the past, there are a few things I think we should discuss about. Please come with me upstairs to my lab.”

I hurried after Dr Harding, with a million thoughts floating around my head. If this was really what the future had come to, there would have to be some way to fix it right?

 Dr Harding paused in front of a door and opened it. I followed him in and gasped when I took in the sight of everything. Latest tech lined every corner of the room, and bright lights lined every shelf. It was so different from the moody atmosphere of the rest of the hospital.

“C’mon Ivy, hurry up. We don’t have much time”, said Dr. Harding.

“Wait what exactly are we going to do?”, I responded

“Well I was thinking, you have created a time machine haven’t you? And it does seem to actually work properly. Looking at the state of our future today maybe we could go back to the past and well.. tweak a few things?

“You’re saying that we go back to the past and change the course of events?”

“Yes, yes precisely”

“Won’t that cause a giant drift in space time quantum or something? I mean that’s what they say in the movies”

“Well.. we’ll never know until we try”, he said smiling.

“Okay. I’m ready for this. Let’s get back to my lab, the time machine is over there.” I’m not so sure of ‘tweaking a few things’ as Dr. Harding says. But might as well give it a shot. We headed to my time machine. After we reached Dr. Harding stared at my creation with fascination. 

“You built this all by yourself?”, he asked me. 

“Yeah. It took a year to get this done.” 

“How old are you? Cause you look very young and this…seems like it’s been done by a 50 year old scientist.” asked Dr.Harding wondering how such a young girl could build a time machine while no other scientist could. 

“I’m 12. And I guess people do say I’m a Child Genius for some reason.” I told it like it was not a big deal but on the inside I was beaming with excitement. 

Without wasting any time, we climbed into the time machine. I keyed in the coordinates – “ Date- 22nd November, Year- 2021” And within a moment we were sucked in back to the past. I blinked looking around at my surroundings once again. Even though it hadn’t been a long time since I left, everything looked so different yet the same. “Wow, so different,” said Dr. Harding. “I know,” I said.

We opened the door of my lab, I saw that my note was still there, untouched. Looks like my parents didn’t even come home.What a surprise! 

The sky was simply a blue-tinted white. We all get that kind of exhaustion that brings joy, the sort of happy-emotion infused memories are made of.I wonder if anyone noticed how pretty the sky was today, how the blue was bright and soft all at once. I wonder if they saw the serenity of the clouds that sailed by, gently passing on toward a place the wind wishes them to reach. I wonder if they let their eyes rest upon their white tops and follow the infinite greys that blend so harmoniously with one another, almost bluish. I wonder if they, as I did, imagined them to be Beluga whales swimming through a clean ocean, a happy family, singing, playing. If they did, I hope they felt at least little of what I feel, a calm sense of awe as warm as sunny rays. If so, I hope they felt a tingle in their fingers and heightened senses, the heady aroma of blooms and the subtle movement of leaves, the way light reflects from both foliage and feathers.

“It looks so beautiful, no grey clouds, darkness filling the world. So many people. Wow! I could never imagine living in a world like this, ” said Dr Harding. “Well hopefully soon you will”, I responded, “Now let’s see how we can fix our problem”. Dr Harding didn’t seem to pay a bit of attention to what I was saying, he seemed to be too involved thinking about something.

“Dr. Harding come on now we don’t have time to waste”, I insisted.

“Yes, Yes . Sorry about that. Ivy, I was just thinking, you do know about the “time paradox” theory right? So if we say make a few changes now, the future may not even change, and in turn one of us could cease from existence.”

I thought over this for a second. I knew time travel could be risky, but not the ‘cease from the universe’ kind-of risky. “ So you’re saying that this journey was basically kind of pointless? I wish you’d thought of that before we came here.  Well anyways you’re already in the past now. Doesn’t that already put you in immediate danger?”, I said.

“It might, but I haven’t actually done anything. I haven’t interacted with anyone else or anything. So as long as I go back to the future before I cause any major changes, I’ll most probably still survive.”

“Most probably isn’t exactly a lot of assurance.”

“That’s all we have for now.”

“So that’s it then? You’re just going to leave now? B-but what about the future? How am I supposed to change it all by myself?”

“Ivy, you’re a smart girl. I’m sure you’ll figure it out. I truly wish I could help you, but if I try to change anything chances are there’ll be no differences in the future or I’ll well..die. Listen, I have to go now. Best of Luck Ivy. I know you can do it”

“Wait! Dr. Harding. I went into the future didn’t I? And I did interact with people, how come I’m not dead?”

“ Honestly I’m not sure. The theory does have a lot of loopholes. You didn’t die but you going to the future must have caused a lot of changes around here.Let’s just hope that nothing too bad happened.”

After that he sprinted to get back to the time machine. I hurriedly followed him, but my mind drifted in a million directions- thinking about every single way this could get even worse. We reached the time machine and Dr Harding typed in the dates. “Date -22nd November , Year -2321”

“I guess this is goodbye then Ivy.”, He said sorrowfully. “It was a pleasure working with you”

“Likewise, Dr. Harding”. I hadn’t even known him for a long time but I actually felt downhearted seeing him go .” It was wonderful working with someone of your calibre.”

He gave me one last remorseful smile, before being sucked back into the future. I went outside to see the world. It was bright and happy. But there was not as much pollution as in 2321 but it was there. Then it clicked. I need to spread the word, not about time travel but pollution. Most protests are with posters. But I didn’t want to make more pollution. When you look outside, you always see people on their phones. I mean always. They can’t get their heads out of the screen. Maybe I could use this to my advantage. The internet could help me.

I opened a YouTube channel, a blog. I named it, “Changing The World”. After that I used my editing magic on the blog and YouTube channel. And finally it was done. It looked amazing. 

I decided to write my very first blog post.


Our mother earth is facing major pollution as a result of mankind’s inconsiderable deeds in this era of globalisation. As a result, there are four approaches to reduce pollution on Earth: implementing the 3Rs principle, reducing vehicle usage on the road, raising public awareness, and enforcing regulations.

The 3Rs approach, which involves reducing, reusing, and recycling, is the first step in reducing pollution. Citizens should use air conditioners less since they emit dangerous substances, such as ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons, which contribute to air pollution. One may not make a difference, but when done together, huge improvements may be achieved.

Reusing reusable things such as plastic bags, bottles, cartons, and other objects is another strategy to minimise pollution. Instead of tossing away worn-out tires, for example, it might be turned into a plantation plot. Recycling recyclable things such as glass, cans, and newspapers is the next step in reducing pollution. Recycled newspapers may be made into toilet paper, minimising unnecessary waste ony the planet while also helping to prevent land contamination. 

Therefore, putting the 3Rs into practice is one of the most effective strategies to minimise pollution on the planet.

Reducing the number of vehicles on the road would also aid in the reduction of global air pollution. The more vehicles are used, the more hazardous chemicals such as hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and sulphur dioxides are emitted into the air, causing major air pollution. Cars, trucks, and motorcycles should be used much less since the gases emitted by these vehicles contribute to the greenhouse effect. These pollutants can be minimised, however, if residents adopt the habit of carpooling and taking public transportation such as buses, trains, monorails, and other forms of public transportation. Furthermore, individuals may walk or cycle to nearby locations rather than driving, resulting in reduced air pollution. 

As a result, lowering car usage will undoubtedly reduce air and noise pollution.

Another strategy to lessen pollution on the planet is to raise public awareness. Campaigns such as the “Go Green” campaign, which encourages citizens to plant more trees and use recyclable items in their daily lives, can raise awareness about the importance of reducing pollution on the planet. The “Earth Hour” is another worldwide event that compels everyone to turn off all lights for one hour in order to raise awareness about the necessity of decreasing pollution on the planet by limiting the use of electronic devices. Awareness may be instilled through education, such as advertising on television and articles in newspapers on themes such as “How to Reduce Pollutions,” “Pollution Consequences,” and so on.

Thus, pollution may be decreased by raising public awareness.

The government plays a vital role in reducing pollution on the planet by administering the country’s laws, which is one method to do so. Offenders can face heavy consequences, such as increased fines and longer prison sentences, which will make them think twice before damaging the environment, indirectly sending a message to those who are not yet destroying the environment. Furthermore, the government’s stringent monitoring of manufacturers can help to reduce pollution because they are the ones who are responsible for the majority of air and water pollution on the planet by discharging poisonous gases into the atmosphere and dangerous waste into the ocean. 

Consequently, implementing the regulations can help to minimise pollution.

To summarise, there are several strategies to minimise pollution on Planet, including implementing the 3Rs idea, reducing vehicle usage on the road, raising citizen awareness, and enforcing regulations that would result in a healthier environment for the benefit of both mankind and our mother earth. We must buckle up our boots and prepare to eliminate pollution in everything we do and wherever we go in order to ensure a brighter future.

Let’s change the world Together!

Thanks For Reading.


After writing, I posted a video of me spreading the word about changing the world. I hid the time machine, somewhere I hoped nobody could find it. It has caused me enough trouble already, and I don’t want anyone dying because of it.  If going to the future or past meant changing everything then no, I do not want that. But the one time I went to the future, I learned something, so I’m going to fix things. It’s not the mistake I made. But I had a part in it too like everyone else. When my parents came home, I told them about my new initiative, and they were happy to hear about it. “What happened to your time machine?” asked my dad.

“Even if I can make the time machine, it’s going to create a time paradox. The logical paradox has given researchers a headache, in part because according to Einstein’s theory of general relativity, “closed timelike curves” are possible, theoretically allowing an observer to travel back in time and interact with their past self , potentially endangering others and their own existence. We should also keep in mind The Grandfather Paradox, when you go back in time to kill your grandfather, you’re not going back to your own history, but a copy of your history, and everything you do in this version of your history will affect the alternate future of that universe, not your own. It might even create a multiverse. Multiverse theory suggests that our universe, with all its hundreds of billions of galaxies and almost countless stars, spanning tens of billions of light-years, may not be the only one. Instead, there may be an entirely different universe, distantly separated from ours and another, and another”

“That was a lot of scientific stuff.” my dad says. “Wonder where you get your smarts from.” my mum questioned. “Probably me.” dad says. “No, she gets her smarts from me.”

After a month or two

I got a notification on my phone saying that I got 350 followers on my YouTube channel. The comments and likes made my day. On my blog, I had 1000 followers. The number kept increasing. And whenever I went outside, everything seemed brighter. 

I went to the beach. Is there anything quite as blissful as an amble by the seashore? It’s like walking through an airy womb of sky and sound. The sea is a cerulean-blue gown and the beach seems dipped in earthshine-gold.

When you cast your eyes out to sea, you observe that the horizon is hemmed in sardine-silver. The waves in the distance are like white creases on a vast bale of velvet and the lolling of the yachts is both rhythmic and mesmerising.The beach is just an amazing place to be, just listening to the sound of the waves, feeling the cool breeze across my face and my feet emerged into the sand makes me feel so relaxed, peaceful and completely free as though, I am in a magical place so calm and beautiful.

But I also notice the plastic. At least 14 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean every year, and plastic makes up 80% of all marine debris found from surface waters to deep-sea sediments. Marine species ingest or are entangled by plastic debris, which causes severe injuries and death. That’s why every morning when I go for my morning run. I also pick up the plastic and clean the ocean. Soon people started joining me. From one it became 35. Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.

Water Pollution

Slowly people did start to join my initiative. It wasn’t a lot, but it was something. I didn’t expect many more to join. People across the world started programmes similar to mine. Second by Second the Earth was starting to return to its former glory.

Even though I had swore to myself to never touch the time machine again, my curiosity to travel through time once again couldn’t be contained. One day maybe I would travel once again to the future just to check on the state of things. It could cause a lot of problems, but a scientist can never stray far from her inventions. At one point I even thought about revealing my invention to the world. I felt terrible knowing that I had created something no one else had and the world would never even know that I did that. I swallowed my self pride though, and never touched my time machine again.

Travelling through time taught me a lot of things, and I’m indeed very grateful for that. If we don’t start protecting our Earth now, then when else will we? It’s time to take action and save our Mother Earth.

Hope you all liked reading this! Don’t forget to follow Suhani’s blog

Comment down below your thoughts on this story.


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  1. WOW, DHIRTI. This is JUST AMAZING! This post I definitely underrated. And I love your creativity guys! Seriously, this could be true. It really can. Ukw, I think, some of the bloggers can actually start a blog like this and spread it to the world. The way you’ve use “problems and solutions” is so cool! We can always try making future better. Loved this story! You both should really write a book 😁

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