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Bullies // poem by me

Hey guys, sorry I have not been active on WordPress lately. Anyway here is something on bullies…


You may not understand why
They are so cruel

They are nasty,
Insecure bullies.
They pick on others
To make themselves feel better

So, remember to tell them that
The fears they feel
Won’t be less real
By trying to make people
Feel what they feel

Don’t live in fear
Day in and day out
Stand up for yourself
However hard that may be

Remember he is
Not above everyone else
Do not run away
Face your fears

They are not a bully, just a coward
Who are jealous of others

Not need to be scared
Felt left out of their games.

Find true friends
And keep them close

Stand up for yourself

Remember to BE YOURSELF!

-Be You-

Normal is boring
It’s average

I want to stand out
Like the brightest flower

I want to be different
Cause different is unique

Don’t try to be something
You really are not

Your one true self
Is the best thing you’ve got

If people only like you
For being something you’re not,
Then that is a friendship
That’s not worth a lot.

Remember to not change
Who you are.
Don’t change your own style
And uniqueness

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