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Phoenix, Risen From The Ashes

Here is a poem on Phoenix by me. Hope you like it!

A Phoenix
Soaring high
In the sky

Fascinating creatures
They are
Can carry immensely heavy loads
Their tears have healing powers
And they make highly faithful pets

It’s a scarlet magical bird
With red and gold plumage
Along with a golden beak and talons
Black eyes and
A tail as long as a peacock’s

Scarlet feathers glows faintly in darkness
While its golden tail feathers were
Hot to the touch.

And in blue and glowing days
It leads the way
Through thick and thin

Even though it falls apart
It always finds a way
Even through ivy’s inmost nook

Some say its magical
But its life
Sometimes filled with
pain and sorrow

No one knows where its heading
Just following the path
Where life leads

Its filled with a free soul
Who knows the true meaning of life
It is a journey where not a
single soul knows what can happen

A Phoenix is rare
It moves in the
Direction of heart

Never gives up
Lives life its fully

It’s a magical
and gentle soul.

Bringing good luck
harmony, peace, balance
And prosperity

Rises from ashes
Symbol of rebirth
It is

Dear people it is Riddhi @ Whispering Stories‘ birthday today 🤩. She is now the ripe old age of 17 (overreacting much)

Happy birthday di , hope you have the best day ever!! 🎉 Wishing you a very happy birthday today! wishing you the best in life, sweet teen. May you have a truly beautiful birthday! As you turn 17 years old today, I want to wish you luck, happiness, and success that are about to come your way.

But do not forget to study for boards🙂

She started a new blog called The Human Book Club. A human book club is a space where people can share anecdotes or stories from their life. You can even just get things off your chest, and that too anonymously. Don’t forget to follow her blog!😎

For collabs and blogger interviews contact

11 thoughts on “Phoenix, Risen From The Ashes

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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely wishes Dhriti!! And don’t remind me of the fact that I am so old now😭😂
    And of course stupid boards because i have physics tomorrow
    Thank you for the shoutout to HBC as well!
    Awesome poem!

    Liked by 1 person

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