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Plant Cam (last)

Surprise! Surprise.

My plant has fully grown and is ready to eat. I hope I do not have to eat it cause healthy food is…not tasty.

Wish I did not grow eatable things. I should have grown a mango plant or a strawberry plant.

Another plant

Here is a poem by a wonderful blogger…..ME!

To plant a garden,
Is to believe in tomorrow.

From little seeds,
Grow mighty trees.
Believe in yourself
And everything is possible

Though no one can go back and make a
brand new start, anyone can start now
and make a brand new ending.

None of us can change our yesterdays,
but all of us can change our tomorrows.
So, let’s take a stand cause the world
Is soon going to be our’s

GREEN is not something you can buy
Green is a way of life

Treasure everything
Think permaculturally
Live sustainably
In all ways

Do all you can
With what you have.

Go Green!
Plant more trees
Do not pollute the air
Stay safe
And protect our earth

– Dhriti Keni, 2021

Say no to plastic,
And make your life fantastic.
Say yes to eco green
And make the earth beautiful green

My mother is now harvesting the 👮‍♂️ cops, wait…not cops it’s Crops.

Anyway……Bye people.

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