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Episode 21

I just found out that I’m going to move to California. I’m going to leave Miami, Florida.New school, new friends, new start. I actual feel sad, mostly mad I guess. I mean leaving everything is tough. But I acted like everything is good, I’m so happy and all. Theatre classes are useful, who would have thought. I had to be happy, I could see Dad more often, mum and my elder sister would be glad. So I acted. Sometimes I think life is a whole big play, skit. An act, to be more precise. And soon it would end.

That night, a spirit appeared. From the dead, his name was Leo. He is light blue in colour, he smiled at me. And said that he was here always. I trusted him and told him everything, I mean everything. My biggest fears, like how death scares me the most, what happens when we die. We just go..but where. What happens? Does it hurt? Do we feel pain?

“We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever but to create something that will. Leave a legacy, a mark. The mystery of death, the riddle of how you could speak to someone and see them every day and then never again, was so impossible to fathom that of course we kept trying to figure it out, even when we were unconscious.” Said Leo.

From that day onwards I talked to Leo everyday. He was there even during the day. He gave the the best advice and made the funniest jokes.

One day at school, we were reading The Ramayana. That made me think about Meenakshi, Surpanakha’s real name.

Surpanakha’s husband and her brother, Ravana, who killed her husband, were both greedy rakshasas. Surpanakha was devastated, and she searched the world for a way to alleviate her grief.

She fell in love with Rama, who rejected her; next she turned to Laxmana, who also rejected her; and then, she attacked Sita and had her nose chopped off. She had never learned to be hesitant about asking for what I wanted, and she saw no need to begin now. She proposed to Rama that if he took her as his wife, she would protect him from her brother. Rama, on the other hand, didn’t want another wife, and while he was polite in his rejection…his brother was not.

Laxmana mocked her for ever seeing herself as a bride for one of them. She went from being grief-stricken to being enraged. I believe she regrets attacking Sita, but my pride had been shattered, and her rage demanded that she be released.

It wasn’t Sita’s fault also , thus I don’t think she was proper to lash out at Rama’s wife. However, I understand her anguish. Meenakshi had been humiliated, but she’s more than her moment of rage.

She is only a terrible footnote in an epic about gods and men in the stories, but she is so much more in reality. Her brother was never held accountable for the murder of her husband, but she is held responsible for starting a war.

She endured not just humiliation but also disfigurement when she dared to express my feelings to two gods. I feel she would live with that mistake for the rest of her life; it was as obvious as cutting her nose from her face.

She did, however, have accomplishments and delights. She is a princess, a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a daughter… Is she also deserving of being remembered for all of those things? Do you deny that to me?

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