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New Year Goals ft. Flora

🎶Happy Happy New Year! 🎶 Happy New Year!🎶

I’m here with Flora @Flora’s Week Show. You can check out the post on her new year goals here

What are your new year goals?

These are mine… *Hopefully I’ll complete mine.*

Stop Procrastinating

Seems impossible. But will try. Key word: try.

Improve Your Concentration

I get distracted very easily. So this year I’m planning improving my concentration. My concentration is like around 15-20 minutes.😅

Wake up early

Why are all my new Year goals impossible?

Write at least 1 book and get it published

I’m currently working on 3 books. As I said before, I get distracted easily. So all of them are half done.

Do random acts of kindness

Give examples for me so I can do acts of kindness and complete this goal.

Have fun. Play more. Take a break.

Will definitely need to do this.

Go to take a run and clear your mind everyday (with music)

Every evening, I’ll take a run to clear my messed up mind.

At least try and practice maths

Key word: try

Do more advanced English

I can do this.

Enjoy life and do not overthink stuff

I hate overthinking, and never overthink. Enjoy life, will definitely do this.

That’s it for this post. Bye!

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