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Plant Cam [Day #5 ]

Hola amigos! Sorry for not posting for 2 days. Anyway here we go

The plants have started to grow. And turns out you should not let the soil be uneven like…mine😅

Mine 🙂
My sister’s😒

I’m so happy for you dear sis 🙂✨

So the soil fault is all my sister’s. She told me to do it like that and did her’s perfectly🙂. She is the dead ☠️ opposite of me. She is shy 🙈 and kind in front of others, mean and rude with me😒. So I’m going to stop ranting or my mother will kill me for saying mean (true) things about my sister.

Anyway😅 I used green gram seeds while my sister used mustard seeds.

Green Green
Black Mustard

So… don’t get eaten by a tiger🙂✨ (wow! I’m in a real mood for sarcasm today)

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