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My Fav YouTubers!

Hello dear people, If you do not know YouTube, WHAT ARE YOU DOING UNDER A ROCK FOR SO MANYY YEARS? Anyway, YouTube is a very popular social media app, that everyone is addicted to.

Today I will be telling my favourite youtubers. Because I got nothing better to do, except studying, completing my notes and homework… 🙂 let’s get started.

The is…..drum roll please….(why am I doing a game show voice?)

Brent Rivera

This is the link to his YouTube Channel. You can also check out his squad called Amp World. And he has a Podcast and a merch . He makes funny comedy videos.

And you have to watch this..

Sister Diss Track

Next up is…..

Ben Of The Week

Link to his channel Ben of the week . He is super funny, you should definitely check it out. He hacks online classes and disrupts the class by making dead funny jokes. He loves to prank people and is always up for some fun. He also has a podcast called I almost died, do check it out.

Next up is…(Dhriti’s brain- *please stop with the game show voice*)

Pierson Wodzynski

The Link to her YouTube channel. Also see appdashians by her, if social media apps had their own reality show and……I got nothing else.

Slayy Point

Ok people, this is in Hindi so if you do not know Hindi… use subtitles. Here is the link. They also have another channel called SlayyPop, I do not watch SlayyPop but if you want you can. As you can guess they also make comedy videos, humour is my jam. I like comedy funny 😆 videos.

Triggered Insaan

Triggered Insann also has another channel called Live Insann, I do not watch live insann a lot, but if you like gaming you can. I like gaming but not watch other play, it’s BORING. But that’s my opinion. Do not mean to spread hate. Anyway this is also in Hindi.

I also watch Brat TV and SSSinper Wolf and other YouTubers. Comment down below your fav YouTubers and your thoughts. For collabs and blogger interviews contact And that is it for today. Also I’m doing monthly wrap-up’s from now on.

P.S. I know I forgot to do the plant cam but I will post today

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