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The Plant Cam [Day #1]

Howdy? Dhriti here, so I was 😑 BORED


And decided to plant something so I went and got some mud and seeds. I had a plastic box at home so made some holes a the back of the box and voila! Step 1 is over.

Next I put the mud then made some lines kind of thing and added the seeds then again comes the mud. After that took a plastic bottle I had made some holes in it’s cap and filled the bottle with not mud but WATER.

This is how it looks now…

Also you can close the cap of the box because the water evaporates and stays inside so it’s self providing but you should water it daily. It take 15 DAYS to grow. Today is Thursday so till next Thursday.

Also I added a new tag called Plant Cam and changed the blog design a bit. For collabs and blogger interviews contact

This is my new sign off, so hope you like it. If you do not, there is nothing I can do cause I’m too lazy to make a new one so….

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