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Episode 20 ( Part 1 )

“Also we can read each other’s minds.” said both of them grinning. Me and Annie can also do that. A girl sitting at the back , Angie, I think read my mind and said “Annie and Jessica can do that too.” she said.

“How about we have a competition, now.” said Neha meanly. “Umm, okay” I said thinking was she serious. “Can we, Miss. Kennedy?” I asked facing the teacher.

“Okay, but only 10 mins. I need to go to the staff room to collect your notebooks” said Miss. Kennedy. She was a pretty good teacher, I do not hate science and all. But I kind of like it. Neha and Sophie were glaring at me for some reason. And smiling at Annie.

“Ready…set …go” “Ice Cream” “Ice Cream” At the end me and Annie won, it’s pretty easy to read her mind. We both think the same things and like the same things. We think alike. She gets me, that’s what makes her my best friend. As they say Great minds think alike.

It was lunch break, Annie asked Neha and Sophie to sit with us at lunch. Even though I said no. Annie liked Neha and Sophie but not me. They kept giving me death glares and kind smiles at Annie. Finally it was end of the school day. I went to roller skating class, followed by theatre classes. I was a great actress. I can cry anytime I want. We were working on a play. After that, there was dance classes with Annie.

It was night time, I drifted into a different world. Where everything was perfect, my type of perfect. I picked up my remote control and jumped on my skateboard. Professor Felix Whitelock made it for me. The skateboard had mega blasters and had a galaxy colour. It could also fly with the help of the remote control. Our super spy team consists of Liam, Jace, Annie, Neha and Sophie (courtesy of Annie) Annie wants me to get along with Neha and Sophie, but whatever I try it just does not work.

Neha and Sophie keeps pushing me and saying mean things to me. Whenever I try to tell Annie she just does not get it. We usually write out BFF diary after school, but she hangs out with Sophie and Neha after school. So overall Annie does not hang out with me a lot, she does not sit with me in class. It’s like she is avoiding me.

That’s why I sat with Bridget and Angie. They were really nice and kind to me.

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