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Episode 18

My mother allowed me go outside and play with my friends after I had spent a long time studying and finishing my schoolwork. It was 7:50 p.m. by the time we finished playing. It was getting dark. Sydney, Liam, Everleigh and Aadhya were about to head back home when a pack of dogs started chasing a truck. To protect ourselves we went to side in the house grill door.

One of my favourite animals is dogs. Dogs can find comedy in almost any scenario. They are amusing, affectionate, and devoted. They make excellent friends and may also help you cope with stress. Dogs are naturally inquisitive, and an approaching car triggers their instincts, prompting them to chase the vehicle. As a result, they end up behind them. Sometimes this is due to a poor encounter with the drivers, while some simply do it for the thrill of it.

Me while trying to understand maths

A person was standing inside the truck and he had a mid length rope. He pulled out his rope and hit it hardly on a dog’s. We, humans have become heartless. We hit dogs thinking they do not have a life. I could not look anymore. The dog was white in colour, it had black spots around it. The truck went away. Some dogs went behind it while the others stayed with the hurt dog. We slowly opened the grill and went outside.

I went near the hurt dog. By looking at the dog, only one word came to my mind, Max. I saw Max’s hurt leg. Max was unable to bear the weight of his body with 3 legs. I slowly carried it to the front porch. Sydney was the smartest of us our group. 😋

Student: mam the 3rd question is wrong. Teacher:*

She asked us to bring a ice pack ans so we did. She wrapped a bandage around it’s leg after placing the ice pack for some time. Max woofed and wiggled it’s tail as if he was thanking us. After that Max limped his way back to his friends and family.

As we were about to head home again. A dog with auburn hair and sharp eyes came up to us and told “Hey there, thanks for helping my friend. I owe you one.” And I was so confused. I did not get anything. I told my friends “did you hear that?” They all said yes. “Thank god I am not the only hear that dog talk” I told.

“You mean bark” said Liam, I have known Liam just as much as Annie. We goof around, run around, have fun races. Play with his cousins who live right next door. Alisha who is about 3 years old. She just started going to preschool. And there is Aarush and his little brother Sebastian, about 1 year old. Aarush is mostly 5 years old.

Anyway, by looking at their faces I realised that they did not hear the dog talk so I told that I meant bark. “I think the dog was thanking us for helping the hurt dog.” I said. They giggled thinking I made a joke but did they know it was real. I need to talk to Joanna about this.

I finished my meal and went to bed. For a little while, I gazed around my bedroom. My Polaroid camera was used to create a picture collage on the blue and red walls. There were fairy lights all everywhere. Overall, it was a cluttered yet pleasant modern bedroom. I hung several photographs of myself and Annie, as well as some with my family and friends. I enjoyed shooting photographs and documenting the event.

A photographic essay is a type of visual storytelling in which a narrative is presented through a sequence of photographs.

A photo essay tells a tale through a sequence of pictures and takes the spectator on a journey through your narrative. Tourists and sightseers never leave home without their cameras. Photographs and pictures of significant events, amazing experiences, and beautiful places. Photographs capture images and glimpses of significant events, great moments and locations, or memories, to name a few. They are our connection to the past.

I’ve started putting together a photo album for Annie’s 9th birthday. I want it to be unique because nine is her favourite number. The album’s title is Naughty Nine.

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