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Blogger interview with Christina

Hello everyone. Today I will be interviewing Webb Blogs. I want to thank Christina for joining me for this interview today and I want to encourage everyone to check out her blog because it’s really wonderful.

Without further ado let’s get started.

1. Tell me and my readers a little bit about yourself.

Hi! Thank you so much for having me over. My name is Christina, I am 51 years old and live in the United States. I am a mother to 3 handsome sons. I also have 4 wonderful grandchildren. My blog, webbblogs, is about life with mental health issues. I also discuss other topics such as addiction and whatever else happens to be on my mind. There’s a little bit for everyone. 😁 (Seems interesting)

2. Describe why you started blogging.

Ever since I was a teenager, I have suffered in silence with ocd. I kept it a secret from everyone up until my late 30’s, thats when I finally opened up and talked to loved ones about it. I started my blog because I was hoping by writing about my mental illness, it would help me learn how to live with it better. I was hoping I would find a way to enjoy life and find my joy. My second reason for my blog was I hoped by sharing my struggles and my victories, maybe I would help someone else that was suffering, and maybe other sufferers wouldn’t feel so alone like I once had. (That’s a really good reason, my reason was that I needed to do something for timepass. Hope you will be able to help more people with your blog.)

3. What is your favorite thing about blogging?

I love to write. It helps to express how I am feeling or share what I have gone through. It’s almost therapeutic for me. I feel relieved, like a weight has been lifted. But, my absolute favorite part about blogging is the amazing feedback I have received. When someone tells me I helped them by sharing my story it really touches my heart and gives me the motivation to continue writing.

4. Where would you like to be in blogging five years from now?

In 5 years from now I hope to gain some more followers. 🙂 I hope to improve my writing skills and most of all I truly hope my blog helps someone that is struggling. (That’s amazing. Hope all of those come true)

5. Are you a Tomboy or Girly girl?

Well at 51 years old I guess I would say I’m a little of both. (Well, I’m a tomboy all the way)

6. If you could have a superpower, what would you choose?

To be able to fly would be pretty awesome. 😁 (it would definitely be awesome)

7. What is your favourite TV show and movie?

Don’t laugh but I really like The Andy Griffith Show. It was before my time and most of the episodes are in black and white but it’s always been one of my favorites. As for my favorite movie, once again don’t laugh, but I love the movie Grease. (Didn’t watch any of these)

8. What’s your favorite color and what’s your least favourite colour?

My favorite color is green. I don’t really have a worst favorite. (Good choice, my favourite colour is blue)

9. If you could time travel, where would you go?

Oh this is a great question. If I could time travel I would definitely go back to the 80’s. I loved the 80’s! The music, the movies, the awesome friendships, the big hair, almost everything about the 80’s was great. (I literally know nothing of the 80’s but it sure sounds fun)

10. You just won $10,000 — what are you going to do with the money?

I want a Jeep really bad. If I won 10,000 dollars I would put some of it as a down payment. The rest I would have to think about. (Hmmm)

11. What was your experience of doing a guest post on my blog? Any feedback?

This was a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed answering your questions and I highly appreciate you having me over. Thank you so much for this opportunity. (It was a pleasure having you here)

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