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Episode 17

I did not think a lot about my vision cause I do not have a lot time to. Got up. Went to school. Same routine over and over again. So boring.

Today at English class, we were supposed to write an essay on our best friend, I wrote on Annie. This is what Annie wrote..

My best friends’s name is Jessica Ajax. She is Adventurous, Direct, Competitive, Creative, Funny, wild. She is an iconic, strong, and loved person….That’s how it went, she did not let me read it fully.

I wrote…

Annie Williams is my best friend. We have been best friends forever. Our friendship started when I came in as a new admission to our class. I thought that we wouldn’t hit it off but however, to my surprise, we became best friends by the end of the school year.

We learned so many things about each other and found out that we have similar tastes. Since then, there was no stopping us. We spent all our time together and our friendship became the talk of the class. We used to help each other out in studies and play all the time as well.

Moreover, we even invented our own handshake which only both of us knew. Through this bond we share, I learned that family doesn’t end with blood because my best friend was no less than my family.

I feel one of the main reasons why I formed such a bond with my best friend was because of the qualities she possesses. Her courage always inspired me to raise my voice against injustice as she always stood up to her bullies. She is also one of the smartest minds in class who doesn’t only excel academically but also in life. She is the most compassionate person I have ever met. Whether it’s towards humans or animals, she always keeps the same approach.

Above all, I feel the quality that appeals to me the most is her sense of humour and if you see her art, you are going to love it. She is kind, funny and the best friend you could ever find. She is amazing at everything. Spell bee champ, A+ at everything.

Annie showed me her at the end,

It is important for everyone to have a best friend as they are our well-wishers with whom one can share everything. In other words, it gets tough to share things with your parents or siblings, but with a best friend, we never hesitate. Additionally, they always support us and boost our confidence.

A best friend should be understanding. One must be able to share anything with them without the fear of being judged. They should be supportive and encouraging of one another. One must always look out for their best friends in times of need. And that’s what Jessica is.

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