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Happy Birthday Mum!!!

Hey everyone, today is my mother’s birthday 🥳. Though on the birth certificate it is 17/11/1986 but her real birthday is TODAY!! 😁😁 Anyway, my sister is baking a vanilla cake for mum’s birthday, I’m not cooking because I would probably end up burning the kitchen and breaking everything in it so…😅 Now she is... Continue Reading →

Powerful Females Tag

This is my first time doing a tag so huge thanks to Rae for nominating me for this award! Rules! • Choose a female (real or fictional) for every prompt. • Tag at least one female blogger. • Pingback to Annie’s Powerful females’ tag. • Enjoy~ 1.Name a female known for her intelligence. Hermione Granger. Hermione,... Continue Reading →

My very first haiku!!

Today, I learned to write a haiku, and this is how it goes… Confused and baffled First time writing a haiku Yet, I’m sure I can -Dhriti Keni✌️ Thanks to my English teacher for teaching me to write a haiku So, The dogs are barking My ears are bursting😅 Bye For collabs and blogger interviews.... Continue Reading →

Water💧 ,an essay by me

Water is one of the most essential elements for life on Earth to function. It is essential for both humans and animals. Water is important not just for survival, but also for day-to-day functioning. When we think about it, it has a wide range of applications. The majority of our planet is covered with water,... Continue Reading →

Starry Night

Standing outdoors, I stare up at the stars, and they steal my breath away. When I gaze out my window, the world is completely silent. In those instances, I am either immensely enthusiastic or really bored. When I am awake late at night, I can see the whole darkness of twilight. I'm either quite peaceful... Continue Reading →

Memes Time!!

I’m thinking of changing my blog theme. So comment down below your favourite wp blog theme. And also will all my blog posts and everything wipe out if I change the theme. I guess you have read the heading so.. 😂😂😂 Meme by me😏 Why is this so me🤣🤣 This happens every single time🥲 🙂such... Continue Reading →

Blogger interview with Anushka

Hey guys. Today I will be interviewing nushhe from Anushka Stories. I'd want to thank Anushka for joining me for this interview today, and I'd like to urge everyone to check out her blog, which is fantastic. So, let’s get started… 1. Tell me and my readers a little bit about yourself. Hey readers this... Continue Reading →

Blogger interview with Christina

Hello everyone. Today I will be interviewing Webb Blogs. I want to thank Christina for joining me for this interview today and I want to encourage everyone to check out her blog because it’s really wonderful. Without further ado let’s get started. 1. Tell me and my readers a little bit about yourself. Hi! Thank... Continue Reading →

The Forgotten Magic |Chapter 1

Hello everyone, as you may know me and Rudrani have been working on a story together called The Forgotten Magic. This is the first chapter of The Forgotten Magic. Chapter 1 “Ray, can you go clean the attic? I need to go to work.” said Reagan’s mother. “Okay. Can I get some money, please. I... Continue Reading →

New collab series coming up!!!

Hello, everyone! Dhriti Keni here. I'm excited because Rudrani from Roaring Of Stories and I are working on a collab together. Go check out her blog; it's fantastic. She writes about book reviews, book recommendations, best-selling authors, and a variety of other topics. So as you probably know by the heading and everything that Rudrani... Continue Reading →

Episode 17

I did not think a lot about my vision cause I do not have a lot time to. Got up. Went to school. Same routine over and over again. So boring. Today at English class, we were supposed to write an essay on our best friend, I wrote on Annie. This is what Annie wrote..... Continue Reading →


Hello bloggers!! Dhriti here. I won’t be able to post tomorrow because I have maths exams and we all know how that goes. It’s a really important exam (mid term examination) so if I lose one mark,my mother is going to kill 😵 me, good luck for me.👍🏻 Bye for now…I will be back next... Continue Reading →

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