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Episode 16

Every time after school, me and my friends play outside the school for a while until our parents stop chitchatting. Jace introduced me to Louis, his best friend. Louis is in a different section, though. He seemed a little bit older. My other friends – Christine, Riley, Varsha came along. Our parents where chitchatting on and on about something. We played catch catch. I had to catch. It was very fun. Annie could not come because she had to go home early for her music class.

I went to music class once. I slept through the whole class. What can I say, music makes me sleepy. Especially classical music.

during music class

I went back home with my sister and mum. It was a fun day. I changed from my white t-shirt, my red and white tie and a black skirt. I could not wait 6th grade, because during 6th grade we get to wear a black pant instead of a skirt.

I was super tired 🥱. So I closed my eyes for a few seconds. My head started aching, then I had a vision. It was weird, it seemed real.

My vision was really blurry. I could see me, when I was a baby. I must be a newborn during that time. Beside me, a young lady was sitting. My face was yellow. Most newborns are red in colour when they are born. They look like tomatoes, I despise tomatoes. Back to the young lady. She talked to me, as if I could understand. She talked to me about something. I could not hear anything. I saw a tear come from the young lady, who looked a lot like my aunt. Many people tell me I am like my aunt, she is lazy and fun.

I woke up. I stared at the wall thinking about my vision. I went to my mum. She was cleaning the kitchen, washing the plates. I asked, “Hey mum, are some babies yellow in colour when they are born?”

“Yes actually, they are yellow in colour because some have jaundice. You had Jaundice when you were a baby.”“I liked you better when you were small. So cute and calm, now look at you, so naughty and annoying.” She sighed. “Yeah, yeah. I know you hate me. Go back to the part when I had jaundice.”

“Some one is curious today.” She told. “My teacher asked my class to find things from our past, our grandparents and the time when we were babies.” I lied as I hit two birds with one arrow.

“Okay, well when you were a baby you had jaundice. My mother took care of your sister while your aunt took care of you. She stayed with you day and night. Now your grandparents..let’s see”

When we do not know anything…put on a smile and do this *honestly I do not know what to call that*

“What do they do?Job? Anything?” She stopped me right there and said that’s enough questions and told me to go and study for the science class test on the human body. It seemed interesting. I could be a doctor. Any way I was good at science, my first option on career was doctor.

Doctor Dab

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