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Episode 15

At the library, “so speak up. Why were you late? Why did you need to use the watch?” Joanna told angrily slamming her book at the table. Seeing Joanna face I remembered the teacher who gave me and Annie the warning about coming late to school. Her angry face with a big wart on her cheek and her long hair tied into a tight bun, she looked like Agatha Trunchbull from Matilda. “Shhh” told Ms. Sylvia.

Scary?looks like hagrid without the kindness

“Calm down Joanna.” Annie told. “We were riding our bikes. As we were a minute late for the bus.” Hey no judging us. I like to have a peaceful morning. But we were always just on time. “Then we went like super fast my bike had fire in it. I had to put my jacket it let the fire cool down.”

“So I know this may be a whole lot confusing, but you both have a lot of energy and power. While you were on earth, meaning here, your magic and power did not show itself. From when you started going to Vilcalia your magic is using itself, showing. You have to learn to control it. So meet in the headquarters, I will give you both a schedule.”

“Stop right there. What is magic?”

“Magic is the power of using mysterious or supernatural forces.” Said Joanna

like that’s the perfect explanation. Like seriously 😳. Before I could say anything else, the watch on my hand started vibrating. I pressed a green button and then I could see the holographic image of a lady wearing a suit, she looked like the First Lady.

“Wrong number and wrong time First Lady” I told. And she was like what? “Hello madam.” Told Joanna.

“Hello Agent. It’s nice to meet you. I wanted to just inform you that I send you your and emerald’s class schedule. So you can understand about Vilcalia better. I know it’s really confusing and all right now. Any doubts?”

“Umm..actually yes. Who is the unknown?”

“Jut remember He is evil and..” “I would like to interrupt you right there.” I told and she nodded her head like a bobble head, “What is evil?” I asked. “That my dear is a question you need to figure out. And I need to go. As I said i send you a mail. If any doubts about the watch and super spy ask Agent Hawking. Bye.”

After the call with the First Lady, or I think she is, eh well who cares? “So Joanna. What is evil? And how to open mail.” I asked. “The first question is for you to answer. And To open the mail you need to just..there.” She told as she pressed some buttons. I am not a fan of working, cause I am just lazy.

My routine usually starts from me hearing my mom’s loud screams and my sister,who is up before me, hitting me and scolding me saying I will be late to school. I am a really busy tomboy. With homework and headaches, food..wait i mean junk food is our saviour.

Wish I had a dog

Me and Annie walk to school together. We attend boring classes. During Wednesday’s and Friday’s , we have sports, most people hate sports for some reasons, but me and Annie do not. Annie takes basketball while I chose swimming. Next year I will take skating, it seems fun.

Last week during swimming class, mam came up to me and told that I was ready to go to the deep side. My friend, Chloe, is amazing at swimming and goes to the deep side of the pool. She was happy I was going with her. But when I went in, I felt myself sinking. I could not breath. I was drowning. The teacher literally jumped in to save me. I could not breath. I caught my breath.

You say that little. That’s super dramatic. He is just like me😅

Miss. James asked me to go to the nurse. Chloe came with me, “you know, during my first time, I was not even brave enough to go inside. Miss. James told me I would be alright but I wasn’t. I drowned. I felt ashamed and decided to quit. But a senior saw me sitting by myself near the pool. She saw tears come out of my eyes. She asked me what was I doing her. I told her I did not want to talk about it. I think she guessed or something. But she knew. I learned that it’s okay to make mistakes. I still remember the quote she told me

“A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.— George Bernard Shaw.”

So cry yourself a river, build a bridge and get over it. (By the author of Dork Diaries)

I felt better. After we went to the infirmary, we went back to class. That whole night, I thought about the swimming pool incident. I felt braver. I was a Leo and Leo’s are brave and bold. The next day, I went ti the swimming pool and jumped into the deep side. We call the D.S. I did it, I was swimming 🏊‍♀️ not drowning. I smiled to myself. When I got up, I saw Miss. James, she clapped for me. And told “you did it”

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