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Episode 14

We all loved his song and started laughing. Ashwin and Sam, our class clowns were always cracking jokes and making us laugh. The next in the line was Jace for sure. One time when we were reading a story on a boy who got stuck in a jungle while going to his grandparents who lived in Peru. And in the jungle he met a bunch of mythical creatures made of chocolate who live in their own village with a head and everything.

The teacher asked us have we would we feel living in an unknown place without our parents. The students started yelling with answers *yes yelling my class is not what you call a perfect class.* like ‘I could not live without my parents for 1 hour’ ‘I could not live without my parents for 5 minutes.’

Students start yelling like they are bidding on how much time they could live without their parents. Then Jace told “mam everyone’s is telling how less time they could live without their parents. But, their parents are at home, while they are at school away from their parents for hours.” He made a really valid point. And he was cheeky.

He loves cracking jokes like me and Annie, but the real class clowns are Sam and Ashwin for sure. Finally and thank god it was break time. I nearly fainted, my head spinning 😵‍💫 with numbers. God, did I hate maths.

Me during maths class

We met up at the library. I really like the smell of books. It was a quiet place. And the librarian, Ms. Sylvia was very kind to us. By the end of the day I took almost the whole library home. She let us borrowed any book we wanted. I usually hang out near the skating ring or the swimming pool or the football field or the basketball ball court or the library or the park…So to be clear I hang out at the library or outside.

No one touches my book

I have a lot of friends but I like being with silly. She is an amazing artist unlike me she teaches me how to draw. One time we had a princess phase, where we act like princesses. I really did not like it but if silly likes it, then I do too. We always had to stand up straight which made my back ache, and I had to write

“I am a princess, kind and loving.” a hundred times, something which I never follow.

Me and Annie have been friends since when we were 6 years old. So we are friends for 2 years, but it seems forever. Annie has long curly honey blonde hair. You can mostly see her with braided hair. Most people say I have brown hair but i have silky hair with chestnut colour hair with amber highlights. I still do not know how she combs her hair if it is that curly.

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