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Episode 13

One time when I was little and fell down. Like little little. I am telling you from my experience (I am wise beyond my years😝) most pains do not sting until and unless you put dettol on the bruise. The mark on my arm looks cool. It’s like the lighting god threw a lighting on arm and boom! I got the mark.

I woke up hearing my mum’s loud screams late as usual, nothing new. I got ready for school wore the school jacket. And went to school on my bike as I was a tinny bit late. I met Annie on the way, we had a bike race and I was speeding my way. I could not see Silly near me, so I thought I was winning. But then, I felt electricity near me. My cycle wheel had fire on it. As soon as I realised i pressed the brake as hard as possible.

I looked around and saw the school and the bus had still not reached. I biked FASTER than the BUS. I spotted Annie. “Hey silly, what happened?” I asked. “I got no idea.” She replied.

“Remember Joanna gave us some high tech walkie talkies with some laser guns and a watch. Do you have them?” She told. “Yes, I think I have the watch but I left the guns and walkie talkies in my room.” I told rummaging through my backpack . “What is the watch for?” Annie asked. “I think Joanna told that we will figure it out.” I told now rummaging through my brain which is a bit messy like my room.

*I think you know what I mean by bit messy.If you do not ask my sister who will give you a long list about why. I highly recommend that you should not ask her. She may be a bit over exaggerating*

I finally found the watch. I raised my hand holding the watch. My life like watching a movie. I constantly imagine that maybe I am dreaming. My whole 7 years was a play filled with getting scoldings and being compared with my elder sister who is mean and no one knows she is bad except me. I do not know why parents always say they both love us, me and my sister equally. It’s not fair.

Back to the watch, Joanna also gave a charger. So I charged the watch at night. I wore the watch and switched it. “Whoa”. Yes that was the only word for the watch. I found and app shaped as a phone 📱. I pressed it and found a id named “Hawking” i pressed it and it felt like I was seeing blue lined Joanna. I tried touching her and it glitched. “You cannot touch me and I see you figured what the watch is for.”Joanna told. “Yeah, but that’s not what we wanted to call you for. We were biking to school and…” before I could finish she told. “ you are late so get moving and stop wasting time. We will talk during break. Come fast because mam is ready to kill you.” No surprise there all teacher wait to kill us.

We entered school with a strict teacher staring at us. “May I ask why are late?” She told sarcastically. She started yelling at us before we could even answer her question. “You are the most reckless children I have ever seen. You are destroying the image of the school. Do you know how many awards this school has gotten? Hundreds. And you want to thrash its reputation. This is a warning. Next time I will suspend you. Now get to class or else.”

She scared me so bad. Not even a ghost had scared me so bad. I am still a kid,aren’t I? I looked at Annie, who seemed just as scared as me. We were top students. One warning from that person scared me. I think I used scared a lot of times.

I almost cried. Me and Annie tightly holded our hands together. We entered the classroom. The class had started. We went to the teacher and told that we came late. I was really happy it was English class. Mam was so kind. She knew we are good students. So she told “go sit down and complete the chapter 5 exercise 8. And try not to be late again.”

I sat next to Jace in front of Annie and Joanna. Jace started cracking funny jokes. And Joanna helped us with the work mam gave us. We had a lot of fun, laughing and studying. We completed it in no time. And I even forgot about coming late, the whole sad face was wiped out.

The next class was maths, “so good morning children, now let’s solve the problem number..” I stopped hearing from that. And the end mam gave us a ton of homework. The class clown made a song called sad life, and this is how it goes, sad life;life is sad; sad life.

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