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Episode 12

“Who is he?” asked Annie. “Well he killed Crystal’s grandmother and Victoria and many other innocent people.” told Joanna. “I still do not get it.” Annie told. “Same. My grandmother died of cancer when I was 2. That’s why I do not remember her clearly. I have seen her pictures around the house but not many memories.” I told.

Doesn’t this happen to everyone?😬

“Liam Ollivander or The Unknown as he likes to call himself nowadays. I taught him everything he knows.” Lucifer told calmly with his kind eyes that never show anger or fear. I wonder if he ever cried as a child.

“Crystal, everyone cries as a child.” Lucifer told to me. “How did you just do that?” I gasped at him. “He has a second sight.”told Joanna.

Which one has better crying 😭 skills?
This one or that one🙃

“During the war, some people took the side of The Unknown while very few took our side. The Unknown had severely damaged himself. Most people thought he was dead. But he is still alive. No one believes it.” told Joanna.

“Remember I told that there is a prophecy. You should decide what you will do.” Said Lucifer.

“The rise and fall

Of the great

Shall be in the hands of a

Little one with a mark

Of a lighting bolt on the arm

Born in the end of December

The season of Christmas” read Joanna.

“How sure are you it is me.” I told. “When is your birthday” asked Joanna. “31st of December.” I told. “Many people are born at the end of December.”

“We checked every child. No one has a mark, except you. Show your hand, will you” told Joanna. I pulled my hand forward so Joanna could see it. I know I have the mark but I just still could not believe I could help The Unknown or destroy him. I really want to destroy him. He is really irritating.

“How do I destroy him if no one could. What do I have? I am not smart enough not a lot athletic jock type either. I have no strengths.” “You have me and always will. I am not going to let go. I will stay right by your side.” told Annie.

“Thanks silly.” I told smiling at Annie. I remembered the time when we were at nursery, me and Annie used to call each other silly because we were the craziest kids and always will be.

That is so my mother *sorry. Pls do not kill me*. Me and my sister fight 😅a lot because I am bored 😑 a lot

“You know we have to change that. We get really confused.” I told.

“You are more crazier than me. So I will call you sill-sill. That means double silly. And you can call me silly, like always.” Annie told.

“From tomorrow onwards we can prepare you to fight.” Joanna told.

“Okay”I replied as I stared at the lighting bolt on my arm. I always thought that I got a weird shaped scratch. And most of the times which is always I get hurt and not notice. If I do not want to study or something like that I show my many different hurts and blood, do some overreaction and voila. No more studying or working. Such a useful tip.

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