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Episode 11

How we handle the unexpected, that’s what matters

“What are you talking about?” I asked. But my question was inefficacious. Lucifer and Joanna kept talking and told me to wait. Me and Annie roamed around the house. Then I found a bowl with white swirling milk it had a polychromatic colour. I touched it with my fingertip and in a nanosecond, I went to a place where there was a person wearing a black hoodie, he stared right through me. “So how is it going?” he asked with a grin on his face.

“Who are you?” I asked with a touch of angry that even surprised me. “I am the going to be the ruler of the multiverse. The person who wins always. Remember that. You are going to need it.” he replied.

I was so angry. He is just so full of himself. I was about to go up to him. When I felt a tug behind me like someone was pulling me, asking me to come back. “You are just so full of yourself. I do not know you but I do know that you are regret saying that. I am going to come back for you.” I told angrily

He reminded me of a time when I was hangry which is always. Well then, I think you know what happens. I eat. I still do not know why I remembered that.

He just grinned at me evilly. I could punch him right at his grinning face. But again, someone pulled me from the back. I could not take it anymore. I hit his grinning face while he simply told “I got under your skin. One point for me. Zero for you.”

I couldn’t help but agree that he got under my skin.

“Not so fast.” I told. “See you”

I let the pull take me. The tables turned. I went back from where I came. Joanna looked at me with sharp angry eyes while Lucifer smiled at me warmly as he went back to his old memories.

“Agent. I know you were mesmerised by it. But watch your back. okay?” said Lucifer. “Okay.” I told with a firm grip to my voice.

“What do you think is important in life?” he asked me. “Umm. what?” I asked. He repeated his question to me. I recalled the time when me and Annie were laughing our heads off which is always. Whenever I was sad or upset, I knew she was there for me. She helps me by making silly jokes and teaching me it is important to smile. I want to be there for others like Annie does. She makes herself and others laugh in situations where it is solely needed

“If I had a life without laughter. I would never accept it. Laughter is truly the best medicine and works to show the lighter side of life that makes people happy. I would say that humour in life is the most important.” I replied. “The silliest joke can make the saddest person smile. And that smile is what makes me want to live. Rather than dissolve in the darkness. Without the humour in life. There is no use.”

He looked at me and felt content with my answer. He turned to Annie and asked. “What is Agent Crystal’s most dominant trait that you like?”

“She is generally a chill person who is able to enjoy the little moments in life. She’ll do anything for the people she loves and always speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves. She had got a heart of gold, that’s for sure.”

I was so happy she thought like that about me.

“Agents. I asked these questions because I want you to remember the most important thing in life and that you always have a friend you can lean on.”

“The place where you went is coming from where someone is calling you. Meaning if someone remembers you and you touch the memento milk you go there. It’s like free transport. What did you see in the place you went Agent Crystal?”

“There was a person with a black hoodie I could not see under the hoodie. He got under my skin and he told something about points.”

“The person who you saw is The Unknown.” told Joanna.

“Well what did his parents think of coming up with this wonderful name? maybe. Look at him he is so cute. But I have no idea what to name him. How about Dylan? no. Bobby? no. Jake? no. James? no. The Unknown? yes, it is a perfect name.” I told mockingly. I really wanted to ask this question at the first time I met Lucifer.

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