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Episode 10

As today is India’s Independence Day. I thought to post early. Happy Independence Day. Enjoy reading.


They went to Lucifer right that moment. Joanna led them to a brick wall. “I thought we were going to meet Lucifer.” Annie asked. “We are” Joanna told calmly. “We are standing in front of a brick wall.” I told pointing my hand at the brick wall Joanna led us to. She just grinned at me.

While I looked questioningly at her she was going to blast the hard red brick wall. Joanna was pretty thin and bony so if she blasted the brick wall, she would shred to pieces then I would need to take some super glue no wait a ton of super glue and make her back to normal. But I think it would be better to go to a doctor if I stick her nose behind her head or stick her right leg to the left side and her left leg to the right side. Then I would not have anyone to blame. Well, I could rather blame it on Joanna as she in the first place blasted the wall.

Joanna placed her hand on the wall. I was ready to cover myself from the great blast that was going to happen any moment.

Agent Hawking told the brick wall “The Golden words I shall use. Thy shall open.” she muttered hocus pocus and some other gibberish. I just stared at her as if she went mad or if she was already mad but she seemed so intelligent and smart at school. A brick on the wall came forward. Joanna took a paper out of her pocket by clicking a button on her thigh. I thought again that if during Holi, a famous Indian festival also known as the festival of colours. Holi signifies the victory of good over evil also a thanksgiving for good harvest. We like to use colours, natural colours as it has and healing effect on humans. It is a day of war for us kids. Joanna would have gotten quite a shock if someone sprays water on her.

Well back to the mysterious wall. She wrote Code 3 on the paper and placed it on the brick the brick instantly went inside the wall. And the brick wall changed itself to a house more like a mansion. It was modern and super stylish. The mansion bloated aristocratic. It had all kinds of technology. It had a super cool wall and amazing lighting.

We entered inside the house. But the last time I was there it looked different. “Umm Agent Hawking I know I haven’t been in Vilcalia long enough but I do know this isn’t Lucifer’s house.” I told remembering clearly the first time I met Lucifer and thought I was dreaming but I still think that this being a dream has a 20% chance. Maybe this was all a big long dream so I dreamed of going to school and studying too? What if my life is a dream? When I wake up, I may be a robot or an adult? Who knows? What is real and what is not?

Joanna told “His house is a made of illusions. What you imagine becomes his house. Everyone thinks differently and everyone has their own perspective only Lucifer sees the real house.”

I remembered the time when I went to room of mirrors. When I went inside, I saw me and me and me. It really confused me.  There were hundreds of mirrors. And after that I ate some tasty pizza and cookies and cream ice cream and delicious brownies. Then everything started making sense. Like food is very important. Especially tasty foods.

“Welcome agents.” Lucifer told. “I got your message Agent Hawking.” He breathed a sigh and told “I think it’s time you know Agent Crystal.”

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