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Harry Potter memes

As today is my birthday *which is on 11th of August*, I decided to share some funny memes that only Potterheads can understand.

That is so true. I literally have no words
That is the real reason that we girls do not like going to the bathroom alone. 😤
No words😶
I really just noticed how harry puts on the same shirt. If Lily was alive, that would never happen. 😦
Hermione has spoken.
Harry Potter is from Disney…😮
How would Dumbledore look 👀 if he knocks at the Dursley’s during night and sings this🤣🤣
Congrats Harry. Amazing plan👏👏👏
😅I cannot help but agree
That is literally my look during maths class 😅
We all come out of fear not loyalty that is for sure😗
I am definitely Harry during maths exam. It is just so confusing..🤷‍♀️
Voldemort cares about Harry’s education 😅 so kind😊
I would not call the obsession strange.. 🤷‍♀️
that the moment he came back he wanted to kill Harry. Yeah Voldemort has a strange obsession with Harry🤔
Student dying…Ron that is just genius🤣🤣

What if the whole ‘ Santa coming down the chimney’ 🤨is a muggle conspiracy to cover up the fact that Santa is a wizard travelling by floo powder🤔

Meet u on Monday…bye

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