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Episode 9

“I am sorry I attacked you. But you both are pretty good fighters. How did you know I will be in this bathroom? I have never seen you come here before.” she told kindly.

“Ghosts are not that bad. From all those horror movies I watched with my friends during summer holidays. I thought that ghosts just kill people so they can posses their body. But I also remembered Moaning Myrtle looking at Bloody Mary. Myrtle had a very fast and sad death. No one ever took the time to get to know her. And no one was kind to Mary. I think it is our fault that we do not treat others properly. So, they haunt us.” I went thinking about ghosts while Annie cut my train of thoughts.

“Hey, Earth to Jess. You there?” she yelled waving her hand at my face. “Stop yelling, Ann. I am here.” “Let’s go to class. It is getting late. Bye Mary. We will visit you tomorrow.” Annie told. “Bye. See you tomorrow.”


“That was pretty fun and weird. Talking to a ghost. I really would love to talk to her more, if we had the time.” I told during the following evening as we were playing football, our most favourite game to play together.

“Wait…Can ghosts go to Vilcalia?”

“I actually do not have no idea. But if we can, it can be pretty fun.” “Let’s talk to Joanna afterwards.”


It was night time. I went to Vilcalia with Annie. And this is what happened…..

Joanna came up to us and told “So as you are doing your first case, you may not know but we like to keep a note of our cases, in case we need it again. Therefore, you need to make a full report. And fill the notebook with detailed things about your case. If anyone needs anything related to your case.”

“Isn’t that I lot of work?” I asked. “Yes. Of course.” Joanna told. “Oh, umm. Then I think Annie here would be delighted to work.”

“No, I would not. You can do it, if you want to.” Annie told.

“Stop fighting. Both of will work together, you will need learn teamwork. Or else I will tell Lucifer that he made a bad choice not putting you to Spy School first” Joanna yelled getting tired of us fighting.”

“What is spy school? Why did I not go to there?” I asked, shocked but you can say shocked is my middle name nowadays.

“Umm it is not mine to tell so bye.” she said as she was about to go.

“Wait, I have to ask you something that is not related to spy school. It is a long story. Mary as in Bloody Mary tried to attack us and all of a sudden, I did a backflip that hit her pretty hard. She came towards me to hit me. But I did not feel anything. And then there was a glow. She punched me super hard. I got angry, really bad. And I did not do anything but a whole lot of water with electricity in it hit her. I feel bad for doing that even though I did not do it.”

“Oh my god. It happened. I did not think it would happen so early. Both of you let us go to Lucifer.”

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