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Episode 7

Our first case was pretty *hmm. how to tell this* interesting. We had never met ghosts. Were they kind or mean? Or scary? A hundred of questions were going inside my head. I met Annie on the way to school.

We had English class in the morning. Me and Annie loved English class. English teacher was super kind. So, we definitely could not leave,

Next, we had Hindi class. We asked the teacher for the hall pass and went to 2nd floor, girl’s bathroom. If the ghost is in the girl’s bathroom. She should be a female, I thought. As we entered the bathroom. I was shaking with fear. Do ghosts just pass through us?  If they do how will they kill us?

The washroom was empty. I could hear the beating of my own heart.

“Hello dear kind ghost, Are you there? Anybody?” I told. Me voice echoed through the washroom.

“Really. Do you think the ghost will just pop out? And say “Hi do you want some tea. We were watching the new movie, Conjuring. Wanna watch with us?” I know a thing or two about ghosts. Different type of ghosts has different ways. We need to find out which ghost is here.”

“Let us start by looking for clues. And then we can go to class. Or else ma’am will think we bunked Hindi class to go have a party with ghosts.” I joked.

We roamed around the washroom. Then I saw blood below the sink. I knew the ghost was Bloody Mary. But Annie, kept saying that it must be the blood of some kid, who got hit by a basketball or something.

We went back to class. After a long boring Maths class, there was a break were me and Annie wrote everything that happened in the bathroom.  

As we were collecting our books for the next class, we heard a sound it was like some kind of signal. We ran towards the noise and reached the theatre room, where Joanna was standing.

“Hello umm Agent Hawking.” I told. “How did you make that signal sound , kind of thing?” “Use my real name. I will tell you about the signal later. Any clues?” she told.

“I think the ghost is Bloody Mary as I saw blood under the sink.” I told. “It is a kid’s blood. And why do you think Mary would put blood under the sink?” she told.

“I do not know. I have never met ghosts.” I yelled. “Okay. Chill. You will call everyone. I think it is Charlie Charlie or Bloody Mary because they have had been recently spotted. So, Jessica may be right Annie.”

The bell rang and we went to class. At 3pm, during home time, me and Annie went to the 2nd floor bathroom.

“I am sorry. I should have listened to you. Let us spin three times in front of the mirror and tell her name. She will come.” Annie told.

“It’s ok. In three?”. Annie nodded.

We spined three time telling Bloody Mary. And suddenly, the lights were going on and off. We could the thumping become louder by each minute. I silently hoped the teachers would come. But the school was almost empty. Only one teacher and a handful of students were there. Most of them took the bus while the rest waited for our parents.

The sound was coming closer and closer and from the taps blood was running instead of blue *oh wait water is colorless. I keep forgetting. Silly me* water.

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