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Episode 6

I woke up, got ready. Ate my breakfast, cereal; milkshake and a chocolate sandwich. I climbed up a yellow bus labelled GREEN VALLEY HEIGHTS. As everyday the bus driver, a bald man wearing a shirt and his hands on the steering wheel with headphones on so he could not get distracted by kids yelling around throwing stuff and each other.

I sat on next to Joanna and Annie in a three seated compartment. Joanna told “I know you both may think yesterday what happened was not true but it is. The book I gave you will be in your school bag.

At lunch break me and Annie sat down reading the book that Joanna gave us. It had symbols and stuff like that.

My symbol was a crystal and Annie’s emerald. We got our super spy signatures for signing papers and all. The rules were pretty easy. It did not seem like pressure learning but fun, relaxing learning (If there is anything like that) Every night, I roam around super spy. Admiring it

It was a very pretty world. Filled with technologies.

Before you know it, the day had come. During lunch break, me, Joanna and Annie were rounded up. Joanna handed us some papers. We wrote everything we know or thought. During school exams, I take wild guesses still do. It was 99% percent correct most of times.

But now I did not need to do that.

After the test. Joanna told us that she will give the results today at super spy. At super spy, Joanna told us that we passed with flying colours.  Joanna told us to call her Agent Hawking. And so, we did. It was pretty weird though.

She took us to a large villa. And gave us its keys. She handed us a black dusty notebook. “Your first assignment is about a ghost. Named Bloody Mary. She is angry. For some reason and is in the school’s 2nd floor bathroom. She is threatening to kill children. You need to calm her down and stop her from killing anybody.” said Joanna Agent Hawking.

“Does super spy deal with ghosts, all the time? Wait, are ghosts ever real?” asked Annie.

“Yes Agent. Ghosts are real. But there are only 2-3 cases on them, including this one. Handling ghosts is important to know. This is our first assignment. It will be as training so contact me if you need anything. Bye

She left us near the big villa with a file labelled Training Assignment. We entered the villa. It was huge. It had many rooms and a kitchen, study tables. A large TV. A comfy sofa. and everything you could ask for.

“How about we dress up as ghosts and scare Mary” I told

Finally, Me and Annie talked and decided to give a visit to Mary tomorrow.

“This place belongs to us now, doesn’t it?”
“I think so, yes” “What is the book for?” “I do not know.”

A sound came from the Tv. A message popped up telling “Hey. The book is like a diary. Write down all your case information and all. XXX Hawking.”

“Therefore, The TV is a kind of like a big phone?”

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